The Coming Times
On Another Earth

    I see a military leader and somehow he looks ridiculous
    For he is barking orders and striding around
    And no one, not a single person is paying him any attention

    And the spit is coming out of his mouth
    He does not seem to notice or care that no one is following him

    He is leading a charge into battle
    He is consumed with this task
    He is engrossed with this his task

    It does not occur to him to realize that no one is following him
    He is doing his part
    He is not concerned whether are others are doing theirs or not

    And so he leads
    And no one follows
    No, not a single one
    And this disturbs him not
    For he notices not
    His task, his role consumes him
    He lives in his own self-created world this man
    And he is a great general leading a major offensive against the enemy

    I don’t know if he knows who the enemy is
    It matters not
    His offensive is what matters
    He has his strategy all laid out
    He has gone over it in his head a million times

    The strategy is brilliant; it is perfect
    If perfectly executed, it is sure to succeed
    He can hardly wait!
    He can hardly wait!

    And so he goes issuing the orders
    That specify the different parts of the strategy
    And he issues a certain set of orders to this part of his battalion
    And another set of orders to another part
    For they have a different role to play
    Yes his plan is multi-pronged; it is complex
    And is bound to confuse and confound the enemy

    He is excited the man is
    He is having so much fun!

    Who is as brilliant as he!
    What wonders and glory he will accrue!
    Why he will be a hero!

    And off he goes to the third battalion
    To give them their set of orders
    He is careful to not let the different groups know of each others’ orders
    For secrecy is of utmost concern

    He is the concertmaster
    Each will play their part as he directs them
    And the whole thing will come together beautifully
    Well orchestrated

    With a glorious and dramatic finale!
    Oh yes! It will be glorious!
    The body count will be high of course
    For what glorious battle was ever won without a high body count
    Yes that is part of the game
    The necessary pain
    A small sacrifice indeed to make for such glorious achievement

    And the man continues to bombast and strut around
    He is happy he is
    Happy he is in his own world
    As he continues the execution of his battle plans
    He is feverish with excitement

    He consults with others
    And yes there are others
    I am seeing other older men who consult with him
    They take themselves most seriously
    They listen most attentively to this man
    And yes, they see he is brilliant
    Possibly insane, but brilliant nonetheless

    Why had they not thought of such a plan
    Why it is sheer genius!
    And they are envious
    How could a lunatic such as he come up with a greater plan
    Than they were ever able to devise
    It rankled yes it rankled
    And they broke rank
    The men split off into various groups and sub groups
    Each one determined to come up with a plan that would rival
    And yes best the man’s plan
    For they were jealous

    They wanted the glory!
    Why leave his name for the history books
    They wanted their names known to posterity

    And so off they went
    Each group and subgroup went off to their own corner of the world
    And ruminated and strategized
    And while none came up with a plan that was as brilliant
    As the original man’s plan
    They did come up with some quite clever plans indeed
    Yes they were quite pleased with their own versions of their plans

    And some of them were proud that their plan would result
    In a lower body count
    And some of them took secret pride that their plan would result
    In a higher body count
    For they knew which of the two, the history books would note

    And so it went
    These men, and yes, they were mostly older men
    Competed as it were
    Each one claiming to have the best plan
    And they would actually compare and contrast each other’s plan
    To see which one was most effective

    And they began to have contests these men did
    For these men were not insane
    These men knew quite well that no one would follow them

    People were just no fun anymore
    And did not want to play in their delicious games anymore

    No matter
    They still got to play their part
    No one would deprive them of their pleasure
    No, no one

    And so the men kept on
    Into their tottering old age they kept on
    And the people around them looked upon them and allowed them to be
    They were harmless after all

    They were allowed to strategize and to plan and to scheme
    To their hearts’ content

    Yes they were allowed
    There was no harm in allowing them to do so

    They even allowed the first man, the insane one
    Who shouted out his orders to one and all
    Not realizing that no one was listening
    Not realizing that no one was hearing
    Not realizing that no, not a single person, was following his lead

    Yes they even allowed for this man
    For again he was harmless

    For the people of this world
    Had long ago made a quite startling discovery

    The had discovered that they could ignore such men
    And nothing would happen
    Absolutely nothing!

    It was quite amazing actually

    One just ignored them
    The way one ignores old women who feed the pigeons at the plazas

    It was as easy as that!
    Who would have thought it!

    And so the people of this world
    Gradually implemented their newfound discovery

    It was hard at first
    It was hard to believe that all that bombast had absolutely no power
    Why no power at all

    It was exciting to discover that the power was all in the hands
    Of each and every single individual
    Yea each was free to do as he pleased
    And if he chose to not follow this bombastic man to his own death
    To the death of others
    He was left to this his choice

    And the people of this world increasingly so chose
    Individual after individual after individual
    Chose to not follow these so-called generals

    The generals kept on being generals
    For they did enjoy it so!

    But the individuals of this world chose to go about their own lives
    Marrying and creating families and building cities
    And making music and doing all sorts of things

    But no, they did not follow these generals
    And no, they did not kill each other
    And no, they did not die for these generals
    No they did not

    They chose not to
    They chose not to
    They chose not to

    And there was not a thing the generals could do about it
    No, not a single thing

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved