The Coming Times
Without God
    And we are looking at the globe and we are smiling
    We know not why we are smiling
    Except that this globe seems so happy!
    Why it feels happier than any of the globes we have felt before

    We see people playing volleyball on the beach
    We see people picnicking in Central Park
    We see people strolling down the sidewalk
    Window shopping and people watching

    The people of this globe are happy
    Yes they are happy and they know they are happy
    And I wonder at their good fortune
Queen of Heaven
    Enter the globe now
    Find out what their secret is
    And yes we alight at the beach
    Where a group of young adults are playing volleyball
    What strikes us as unusual is they are playing as children
    There is no posing
    They are not seeking to attract nor impress the opposite sex
    It is purely about the game
    They are truly and purely playing
    And yes, they are having fun
    Like children, they are
    Having fun, they are

    And I try to sense them out
    And yes I do sense a childlike innocence to them
    Truly they somehow seem younger than their years

    But I can learn nothing more from them
    And I now move to Central Park
    And yes there are plenty of people here to choose from
Queen of Heaven
    Find a young family
    I have found one
    They have the blanket spread out on the lawn
    The father is sitting on a chair beside the blanket
    The mother is sitting on the blanket
    And caring for and playing with their baby

    The father is keeping his eye on their young toddler
    As he wanders about looking at this, looking at that
Queen of Heaven
    Enter the toddler
    I do, and sense his sense of security
    He is safe but completely
    He is loved but completely
    He is secure and he feels his security
    Yes he knows his father is watching him
    Yes he knows he can move about freely
    For his father is watching him and will warn him
    Or intervene should any danger approach

    No the toddler is safe, content, secure
    And is free
    Yes the toddler is free to roam about
    Always within the father’s eye
    But otherwise free
    And that is enough room for a toddler
    And freely the toddler goes from inspecting a bush
    To inspecting a creek and the turtle beside it
    And yes there is much in the park
    To satisfy this toddler’s curiosity
    He even forgets his father
    So absorbed is he in what he is discovering

    But his father has not forgotten him
    And has his eye on him but always
    Relaxed the father is; vigilant the father also is
Queen of Heaven
    Enter the father now
    Who is he
    He is again younger than he appears to be
    For though he appears to be in his late twenties or early
    There is a childlike innocence truly surprising in a parent

    He is above all confident, supremely confident is he
    Yes he can keep an eye on his son
    Of this he has no doubt

    Yes he can keep his son safe
    Of this he has no doubt

    And it is not difficult to do so
    It is a pleasure to do so
    For it is a joy to see the world through his son’s eyes
    Why it is discovering the world all over again!

    And he is enjoying himself, but supremely
    Soaking up the sun
    Even as he fulfills his fatherly duty
    And keeps a protective eye on his son
Queen of Heaven
    Now enter the mother
    She is blissed out this young mother
    Blissed out is she
    In love is she

    She is in love with the infant on the blanket with her
    Yes her maternal hormones are flowing
    And she is in bliss and in love

    In love with her infant is she
    In love and oh so proud of her toddler is she
    And in love and oh so proud of her husband is she

    In bliss and in love is she
    As she sits on the blanket, soaking up the sun
    Playing with the infant

    And every now and then she glances up at her husband
    And a feeling of warmth and contentment comes over her
    Yes she loves her husband
    I daresay she adores him
    He is the sun and the moon to her

    Between her love for her husband and her love for her children
    Truly I cannot imagine that there could be any room
    For anything else in her life
Queen of Heaven
    Is there anything else
    Enter into her and explore
    Yes actually there is
    She has a passion
    I’m not quite sure what it is
    But she does have a passion that has nothing to do with her
Queen of Heaven
    And does she have time to explore and experience
    That passion
    Yes, it would seem so
    And this truly surprises me
    For it seems as though she has all the time in the world
    Time to involve herself in her passion
    To her heart and mind’s contentment
    Yes time to pursue it
    Yes time to achieve her goals
    Yes she has purpose this young woman
    She has goals she is pursuing
    Goals she has already accomplished
    And this fulfills her; this grounds her
    And yes keeps her involved in the world
    Outside of her inner family circle
Queen of Heaven
    Remain with the woman
    What is her concern
    Her concern is that she sees that there is beginning to be
    A gradual decline in the quality of life on her planet

    And yes, she is determined, along with others
    To prevent and reverse this decline

    For life on their planet is good
    And the people know it
    But I sense that she senses that they are allowing it
    To slowly slip away from them

    She is prescient this woman is
    For truly I see no sign of decline
    But she sees that the steps they are currently taking
    Will lead them down
    Lead them down
    Ever so gradually, ever so slowly, hardly noticeable shall it be
    But lead them down it shall
Queen of Heaven
    And what steps are these
    Remain in the woman and discover
    What she perceives these steps to be
    The first one that jumps out at me, that leaps out at me
    Is that the people are forgetting Gratitude

    They are beginning to think that their blessed planet is their
    That they in fact are responsible for this happy state of affairs
    And instead of giving gratitude and praise to God
    For so abundantly blessing them

    They are patting themselves on the back

    Yes, well done!  They are telling themselves
    We are proud of ourselves!  They are telling themselves
    Look at what we have achieved!  They are telling themselves

    And the woman hears these words and she is concerned
    For these are not the words she is used to hearing

    The words she had heard in her childhood
    Were words of praise to the Almighty, to the Creator
    All praise and all credit were given to him

    Each blessing received
    Each accomplishment achieved
    Each success reached
    Was followed by gratitude and praise and glory to God

    To God went the glory
    To God went the praise
    To God went the recognition

    For the people of this planet know that God is the Creator
    And all good comes from him
    All good comes from him
    And we thank him for all that is good
    For all that we receive we thank him
    For all that we are able to achieve we thank him
    For of course he is our very breath, our very life

    Why we can not even live without him breathing us
    How much less can we give ourselves credit for our
    It is God himself who gives us the graces and the qualities
    To succeed in our endeavors
    And we thank God, we thank God, we thank God

    Joyfully we thank God
    In lightness of heart do we joyfully thank God
    Gladly, gladly, gladly do we thank God

    And most of the people on the planet still do

    There are just a few
    But a few enough to cause this woman concern
    For she knows that a few can grow to many

    There is a few
    And it is an ever growing few
    Who are beginning to forget that God is their source of all
    And who think that this wonderful planet that they live on
    This wonderful home of theirs
    Is to their credit!

    How they can think so I do not know
    But think so they do

    They are proud of their civilization
    They are proud of how they keep the air and the water clean
    They are proud of how everyone, but everyone
    Is well provided for

    Yes they are proud
    But they are beginning to forget that all comes from God
    And are somehow, just how I do not know
    They are somehow beginning to think that the credit is theirs
    And they are justified in patting themselves on the back
    Well done old chap!  They say and yes they feel

    And the woman is greatly concerned regarding this trend
    For she fears it to be the beginning of the end
    And of course I can see that she is perfectly correct

    For without God there would be no air to keep clean
    Without God there would be no water to keep clean
    Without God there would be no people to provide for

    Without God there would be nothing
    Nothing, nothing, nothing

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Copyright  2006  Theresa Law
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