The Coming Times
Toward Their Future
    And yes again we are at the Australian beach
    And yes again the line of people are there
    Looking out to sea
    Looking for the ship that will save them

    And we think to ourselves

    What more can we possibly find out
    Surely we have been here often enough now
    What more can we find here

    "Find the woman, your woman"
    "Find her and enter her once more"

    And so we do

    And her heart is leaping in her throat
    Her heart is beating a hundred times a minute, it would seem
    It is thudding loudly in her chest

    The ship is here
    Dear God in Heaven
    The ship is ashore

    And no the ship is not above them
    There are no light beams pulling people up into them
    The ship is ashore
    And good heavens
    A plank comes out
    It is as a walkway that comes out of a door of the ship
    It is as though the people are to walk into the ship

    Voluntarily they are to walk into it
    Of their own free will they are to walk into it

    And this shocks the people on the beach

    For that is not how they had heard the story before
    Always before the ship had come over a town
    And chosen its people and levitated them into the ship
    With or without the person’s consent
    It mattered not

    And here one did not sense any coercion
    The people along the shoreline
    Were being invited

    The ship’s door was open
    The walkway was extended
    All the way to the beach, the walkway was extended
    The invitation was obvious

    Feel free, feel free, feel free
    All you who will
    Come into our ship
    Come in and be rescued
    Come in and live

    And the people are shocked
    And now they are faced with a dilemma
    For before they had thought
    They would be taken against their will

    And they were very happy to be rescued
    And they were also very happy to debate in heated arguments
    As to whether these ships were from God, from the snake
    Or from some alien race – benign or malevolent
    And they were happy to have it both ways

    To be rescued
    And to debate and argue and fear and rage against these ships

    And now here they were presented with a choice

    Enter the ship freely of your own will
    Or stay on your planet as you choose
    You are free
    You are free to choose

    And the people are stunned
    For they had not thought to take the responsibility
    For this decision upon their shoulders

    They had thought that like children
    They would be forced
    Kicking and screaming
    They would be forced to their rescue

    And now, to be presented with a choice
    Why with that choice came a decision
    With that decision came an acknowledgment

    Yes one must face up to and one must own up to one’s reality

    One could no longer have it both ways
    Pretending to one reality
    While surrendering to another

    No, the ship had singled these people out as the adults they were
    For some reason, most of the people on this shoreline
    Were more spiritually awake than their fellow countrymen
    And the ship knew this

    And so the ship was recognizing their maturity
    And honoring their maturity
    And respecting their maturity
    And treating them like the adults that they were

    And yes one does not force an adult to do the right thing

    One can force a child to do the right thing
    It is a parent’s responsibility to protect the child from the child’s ignorance

    But an adult knows
    An adult has the knowledge and can discern
    And with this knowledge in hand
    He is free to choose for himself
    To do the right thing for himself
    Or to indulge himself in his fears and in stubborn ignorance

    And the people on the shoreline gasped as they understood what was happening

    Somehow they knew
    How they knew not
    But somehow they knew why they were being treated
    Differently than the people in the towns had been

    And they recognized the respect the ship was showing them
    They recognized that the ship was honoring their free will
    Their sovereignty, their right to choose

    And with this freedom
    The person had to choose
    He could no longer have it both ways

    He could no longer allow himself to be rescued
    Even as he railed and raged against the ship

    It was his choice

    He could choose to reject the ship and return to his home and wait for his death

    Or he could choose to freely and willingly and yes, with grace
    Accept the ship
    Accept the ship’s invitation
    Recognize the ship for the rescue that it offered
    Thank the ship
    And gratefully and in full acknowledgement
    And yes, in full ownership of his decision
    Walk, freely walk into the ship and into his future

    The choice was his
    The choice and the consequence are his
    The responsibility is his

    And yes, there had been all along among the people
    A few, those few who have been silently meditating
    And praying for years now, for decades now
    And these people had all along been quiet, been calm about these ships
    They all knew what these ships were about

    Those who had been meditating and praying most sincerely and most consistently
    Even knew where the ships were taking them
    Yes, they knew their destination
    The destination God had planned for them
    Their own individual destination had been revealed to them in their meditations

    And these people tarried not

    Calmly, quietly, with purpose and with sureness of foot
    These people walked forward
    And without looking back
    They walked steadily across the beach
    Up the walkway
    Into the ship’s door
    And disappeared from the view of their fellows
    Still standing on the beach’s ridge

    And then one by one
    Two by two
    Individuals squared their shoulders
    And yes with clear eyes and level heads
    Yes, they owned their choice
    Yes, they owned their responsibility
    Yes, they acknowledged the truth of what had happened to their planet
    And yes, they even acknowledged the truth of the nature of these ships
    These ships that had come to rescue them from certain death

    And no, they would not be taken
    Like spoiled two year olds throwing a tantrum
    Kicking and screaming

    No, they were mature, responsible adults
    Who owned their choices
    Who owned their decisions
    Who faced up to the reality that they had created
    Who faced up to the reality that was presented before them

    And no, there would be no hiding behind fear
    There would be no hiding behind paranoia
    There would be no hiding even as one knew that one would be rescued anyway
    No, there would be no hiding

    And the people slowly, steadily stepped forward
    Each in his own time, having come to this realization
    And this understanding and yes this acknowledgement of the truth

    And standing tall and standing firm and standing resolute
    They walked slowly, steadily, calmly
    Forward toward their future

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Copyright  2006  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved