The Coming Times
The Muslim Inherits Europe
    And oh dear, again we are in Europe
    Must we always focus on Europe?

    And yes, we see the angry Muslim population marching
    Demanding, angry, powerful in its anger and in its demands

    Its rage giving him ever more energy
    Ever more power
    Ever more a reason, a focus upon which to expend his energies

    For truly he had been listless and without purpose
    Until his rage had come along

    And now he has purpose
    And now he has energy
    And yes now he has something to do
    Something active
    One certainly cannot say something constructive
    But at least he is active
    At least he is doing
    Yes he has a reason to get out of bed in the morning
    And yes my God he is getting attention

    Finally, finally, finally he is being heard
    After all these decades
    Of being ignored, of being snubbed, of being patronized
    He is now being heard
    Attentively he is being heard

    And the Muslim exults
    He is high on this new found power, this new found energy
    This new found focus for his existence

    And yes any excuse to engage in this his new behavior will do
    Any excuse at all

    And yes if no excuse presents itself
    One makes an old excuse up
    One recycles through the excuses
    For it does feel so good
    Yes it does feel so good
    To express one’s rage
    To express one’s anger

    And yes, and yes, and yes
    God it feels good
    To destroy!  To destroy!  To destroy!

    But what the Muslim does not realize
    Is that the civilization that he is destroying is his own

    For the European is ascending you see
    The European has done all that he has needed to do on this Earth
    And is now ready to graduate to the next Earth

    And yes the Europeans lament their declining birth rate
    Why it is not even high enough to sustain their current population!
    They are decreasing in numbers, the Europeans are
    They are decreasing in numbers

    And the European governments realize this
    And are greatly concerned
    And pass all manners of legislation
    To promote family-friendly conditions

    Yes they give pregnant women paid leave
    Yes they create free day care centers
    Yes they encourage the population to have children

    But it is no use
    The European birthrate declines and continues to decline
    And the politicians are left scratching their heads in puzzlement
    Not realizing that this is exactly as it should be

    For the European has by now
    Finally, finally, finally
    He has learnt all he will learn on this Earth
    And is now ready to move up, yes to graduate to a higher Earth
    One that shall teach him what he is now ready to learn

    Yes the European is graduating
    And he is leaving Europe to his former colonies
    To the people of his former colonies the European is leaving Europe

    It is Europe’s gift to their former colonies
    The gift of Europe itself

    For the European is leaving
    And the members of their former colonies are immigrating to Europe
    And yes they are reproducing
    And yes they are reproducing themselves
    To sustain their population levels and more
    They are, even without continued immigration, increasing their population level

    And so the percentage of; the ratio between
    The European and the Muslim in Europe
    Undergoes a drastic change

    It is quite shocking actually how quickly this transformation occurs
    Why it seems as though it happens in just one generation!
    It actually takes two or three
    But no more than that

    And yes just as the Original Americans
    Ascended to their Risen Earth
    And left their continent to the white man

    So now the European
    Is ascending to his Risen Earth
    And is leaving his continent to the Muslim

    And it is good
    It is good
    It is all good

    And yes it is per the Father’s design

    For just as the Original American
    Had learned all he could on this Earth
    And was ready to graduate to a higher and risen Earth
    And did so, and did so, and most in fact did so

    So now the European
    Has finally, finally, finally
    Learned all he can on this Earth
    And is now ready to graduate to a higher and risen Earth
    And is doing so, and is doing so

    The declining and the persistently declining birth rate attests to that

    The European is graduating
    The European is now incarnating on a higher and risen Earth

    And yes, just as he had lived among the Colonies
    And yes, truth must be told, had plundered the Colonies

    So it is only fair
    It is only just
    Yes, the equitable thing for him to do

    Is to leave his land, his Europe, his civilization
    All that he has managed to accomplish

    To the people that he had once exploited
    To the people whose land he had once plundered

    It is only right and good
    And all is working according to plan
    According to plan all is working

    Unfortunately most of the people
    Are not seeing this wonderful plan

    They are not realizing how fortunate the European is
    To be rising to a higher Earth
    And so they lament their ever declining birth rate

    They are not realizing that they are amending their previous wrongs
    And are now being given a chance
    To give to their former colonies
    The continent, the civilization, the home
    The all
    That they have over the centuries managed to create

    And so they lament the ever increasing proportion of the Muslim population in

    Not realizing, not realizing, not realizing
    That this is all good
    Yes, this is all part of the Father’s design

    And unfortunately, the Muslim too is unaware of the Father’s plan
    And he is unaware that he is being gifted with Europe

    He is unaware that if he could just hold his patience
    Europe will be gifted to him on a silver platter

    All the greatness that is Europe
    Their cities, their countryside, their efficient infrastructure
    Yes, their reasonably honest and benevolent government

    All this, all this, all this
    Is being gifted to their former colonies

    It is their inheritance
    It is their payment due
    For what they had contributed to Europe’s success
    As members of the European empire

    But the Muslim does not know this
    He does not think to ask God what is happening

    Yes happening right under his very nose
    Yes happening right before his very eyes

    For it is quite clear that the European is leaving the planet

    It is quite clear that the members of the former colonies
    Are now increasingly, continually increasingly
    Inhabiting Europe

    But the Muslim does not see this
    Does not realize the great gift that he is being given
    Does not realize the inheritance that is being passed down to him

    As from a father to a son
    So is Europe being passed from the European to the Muslim

    But neither are speaking to God
    Neither one is listening

    Neither one, neither the European nor the Muslim
    Knows to turn to God
    And ask him to explain to them just what is going on

    Right before their eyes it is going on
    It is obvious the facts of what is going on

    And they do not know enough to pray to God
    To understand the truth of the facts that are playing out

    And so the European reacts in fear to his declining birth rate
    And so the European reacts in fear to the ever increasing numbers of Muslims in his

    Not realizing that his home
    Has now moved
    Has risen
    Is higher

    And yes ever more beautiful, ever more peaceful
    And yes, ever more, much more to his liking
    Why it is much more home!

    His new home will feel like his old home
    Only more so
    Only better so

    The European is rising
    The European is rising
    The European is rising

    To his new Earth he is rising

    To the Earth that God the Father
    Has prepared just for him
    Is the European rising

    And yes all these babies, all these European babies
    Not being born on this Earth
    Are in fact being born, even as we speak
    On the risen Earth

    On the European’s risen Earth, these babies are being born

    And this is a good thing
    This is a step up
    Yes this is evolution

    The European has graduated
    He has graduated this Earth
    And has moved onto and is moving onto a higher, more risen
    And yet more beautiful Earth

    An Earth where the European will find himself free
    Of all the wars of which he is so tired
    So weary is the European of war

    Yes having had two devastating world wars fought on his continent
    The European has learned the truth of war
    And truly does not have the stomach for it

    And the Americans
    Blessed as they have been
    To not have had serious wars
    Certainly not on the scale of the two world wars
    Does not understand the European’s distaste for war

    And the American in his lack of understanding
    Labels the European spineless, and yes even cowards
    Not realizing that the European has had his full of war
    Truly he has
    And simply cannot stomach any more

    And now the European is headed off to a more peaceful planet
    One in which the call to war is not sounded
    One in which Peace prevails
    And leaves the European free to be Europeans

    In Peace they are left
    To continue creating and refining their beloved Europe they are left

    Truly they feel themselves to have come home
    Truly they are delighted

    Yes, truly they have been blessed with the Gift of Right Location
    Truly they are, as we speak, being so blessed

    But they do not know this
    And so they fight it

    Just as many Original Americans did not hear the Father
    Tell them of his plans for them

    So do most Europeans not speak to their Father
    And no, they do not hear of his plans for them

    And yet, instinctively, they carry out God’s plan
    No, it is no accident that the European birth rate is declining
    No, it is not
    It is a grace from God

    These babies are being allowed the grace, the blessing
    The unmitigated good fortune of being allowed
    To incarnate on a higher planet

    On a more peaceful planet
    On a planet where the European is not pressured to war
    On a planet where the European is free to express himself as he pleases

    And yes, this is happening as we speak

    And as we speak
    Yes as we speak

    The European, knowingly or unknowingly
    Is turning over the Europe that is on this Earth
    To this Earth’s Muslim population

    But the Muslim population for some reason
    Does not see this quite evident fact that is playing out

    They see the European’s fear and rejection of them
    They feel their humiliation
    They feel their impatience

    And that is truly unfortunate

    For if the Muslim can be patient
    All of Europe will be his

    Europe will be his
    Europe will be his

    And yes, the Muslim should he choose to
    Will be free to take advantage of all that Europe has to offer
    While yet retaining all that he loves so of his culture of origin:

    Their flavorful food
    The flowing and expressive Arabic language
    Pure poetry is the Arabic language!

    Their social nature
    Their warm nature

    Their generosity with their neighbors
    Their open faces and their open hearts

    Yes, if they choose to
    They can keep all that is good of their original culture
    And yes, simultaneously inherit the greatness of Europe

    Simultaneously receive, simply receive
    As a son receives from his father
    Receive the precious gem that is Europe

    And it is their choice
    And should the Muslim choose to stop
    To pause
    To break free of the collective insanity that has gripped the world
    To let go of his hatred

    And to turn peacefully to his God
    And to ask his God for counsel, yea for wisdom
    And yes to wait in silence, in silence wait
    Until he hears his God’s response

    Then the Muslim will know

    He will know
    In peace, in contentment, and yes
    In wonderment at his good fortune

    He will know
    That he will inherit the best of both worlds

    All the warmth and expression and passion of his culture
    And yes, the civilization, the accomplishments, the elegance of the European culture

    All this is his
    For the receiving it is
    He must merely know it
    And yes, he must calmly and in patience accept his gift
    Accept what is being bequeathed to him

    And will he do so?
    We do not know

    For man has free will
    The Muslim has free will

    And yes he may choose to turn within
    To ask his God
    To listen to his God’s response
    And yes to follow his God’s counsel

    And be blessed with abundance beyond measure
    He shall weep, weep he shall
    At how generous his God is being to him

    And yes he shall praise and give thanks to his God
    For the remainder of his days
    For God’s generosity to his people

    On the other hand
    The Muslim is also free
    To not turn within
    To not ask his God, in the silence of his heart
    Just what is going on and why
    And to not wait, in silence and in patience, for his God’s response
    And to not follow his God’s counsel

    The Muslim is free to not turn within
    And yes the Muslim is free to listen to the cacophony without

    And yes to turn himself over to the seducing and exhilarating
    Pleasure of rage, of action, of destruction

    And in doing so, destroy his own inheritance

    Either way, the European is leaving
    Either way, however the Muslim chooses, is irrelevant

    The Europeans are ready to graduate
    And God is calling them to their new home
    Yes to their risen Earth

    And they are responding to this their God’s call
    Perhaps not in full consciousness nor in full awareness
    Are they responding

    But they are responding, they are responding, they are responding

    And if you do not believe this message
    Simply look at the numbers
    The numbers do not lie

    The European is no longer incarnating on this Earth

    There is a gradual migration to their higher Earth
    Until finally, finally, finally
    Most of the Europeans will have left this Earth

    And Europe will have been bequeathed to the Muslim

    Now whether this Europe that the Muslim receives
    Is a civilized Europe
    With all its structures in place and working
    Yes, do the trains still run on time?
    Will this be the Europe that the Muslim receives, inherits

    Or will he inherit, in his shortsightedness
    A Europe torched
    Its beautiful edifices destroyed
    Its structures demolished

    Only time will tell
    And the decision is the Muslim’s and the Muslim’s alone

    We pray that they choose well

    We pray that they choose to listen within
    To pray to their God in the stillness of their hearts
    And to listen to and follow their God’s great counsel

    But we do not know what they shall do

    Either way, the European shall rise to his new home
    Either way, the European will bequeath Europe to the Muslim

    What is this Europe that the Muslim inherits?

    A Europe civilized, functioning, and beautiful
    Or a Europe in chaos, broken, and charred beyond recognition

    The decision is the Muslim’s
    And the Muslim’s alone

    God bless him
    God bless him
    God bless these innocent Muslims

    May they know to not be deceived by the snake

    May they know to listen to and follow their God

    And may they be blessed beyond measure
    Pressed down, and flowing over
    May they be blessed

    That is our prayer for them
    And as we pray, so may it be

    Amen.  Amen.  Amen.

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Copyright  2006  Theresa Law
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