The Coming Times
On This Earth
    And we see the people purposefully walking about
    They are reconstructing
    They are rebuilding
    The spirit of camaraderie is strong
    They are united
    They are in this together
    And together they shall lift each other up
    Together they shall recreate their home
    Albeit their new and changed home

    They shall make this Earth, this new Earth
    Into their home
    And they are doing so together

    And no, no government is in power
    No media blares through the airwaves
    No structures of any kind are in place
    No corporations; no, not even any churches

    No, there is absolutely no one telling the people what to do
    There is absolutely no one and nothing telling the people what to think

    And surprisingly enough
    The people do not miss the old incessant preaching and exhortation
    The ever increasing number of laws
    The non-stop around the clock blaring of the media

    Why they seem to have forgotten about them completely
    It is as though they had never been

    And yes, surprisingly enough
    Even with no one and nothing
    To tell the people what to think and what to do
    And what to not do and what to not think
    And who to like and who to hate
    Yes even without any of the so called experts
    Advising the people as to every minutiae of their lives
    Yes without all this constant hectoring

    The people relax
    And the people breathe
    And the people look around themselves
    With fresh and clear eyes
    And they see their world as it is

    No, not as they are told it is
    But as it is

    And they see their neighbor as he is
    No, not as they are told their neighbor is
    But as their neighbor is

    And they see their reality afresh
    And they see and they recognize that their reality
    Is in fact their reality

    It is theirs
    It is theirs
    It is theirs

    And it is theirs to enjoy and create and make of as they see fit

    And joyfully, they put their shoulder to the wheel
    And brother helps brother
    And neighbor helps neighbor
    And yes these neighbors are all of different colors
    Different body types, different ethnicities
    And somehow, somehow this doesn’t matter anymore

    In fact this is somehow transparent to the people
    They are simply so glad to see their neighbor alive and healthy
    They are so glad to have a neighbor

    For yes, many were lost in the Great Spin
    Many were lost

    And now life, human life is appreciated

    One is glad to have a neighbor near by
    To talk with
    To converse with
    To share one’s humanity with

    And slowly, surely, the people rebuild their lives
    And slowly, surely, stability reigns over the land
    And no, it is no longer the same Earth it had been

    It is so much quieter for one
    No sound is blared over the airwaves

    The only sound heard
    Other than the birds chirping
    Is the sound of one individual conversing with another individual

    And it is live to live contact
    It is not communication by proxy
    It is not people watching actors on television
    Performing conversations on talk shows for money and fame

    These are genuine honest conversations
    And yes the conversations are simple and yes they are authentic

    As are the lives of the people

    Their lives are simple
    Their lives are authentic
    And they go about life with purpose
    With meaning
    And yes with great contentment

    For the Earth is now at peace
    The Earth is at peace
    The Earth is at peace

    And yes, the Great Spin has cast off the asuras
    And all other negative influences off of this Earth

    And this Earth is happy; happy she is

    The people who are on this Earth
    Are good people and this Earth is happy to have them on board

    Yes they are good people
    And they will treat her gently

    She senses this
    She knows this to be true
    And so she is generous with her bounty
    Generous with her people is this Earth

    Sending them gentle rain and gentle sunshine
    As needed throughout the planet

    And all are provided for
    All are nourished
    All find housing

    Yes all are cared for
    Yes they work to care for themselves
    But they are able to

    They are of sound health in spirit, mind, and body
    They have been cleansed, they have been refreshed

    And thank God almighty they are free!

    They are free
    They are free
    They are free

    For truly they had not realized how imprisoned they had been

    Yes it is like hitting your head against a brick wall
    It is only when you stop that you realize how painful an experience that was

    And the people marvel in disbelief at how easy it all is
    Why had they ever thought otherwise?

    They have forgotten these people, these good people
    Have forgotten the enormity of the structures
    And their complexity
    And the stranglehold they had on human affairs
    And yes human thought and feelings themselves

    They have forgotten

    But the people do remember enough
    To greatly appreciate the ease and simplicity
    And yes the joy of their new lives

    And they thank God
    And yes, they thank their Mother the Earth
    For providing for them
    For being so good to them
    For taking such good care of them and their children

    And their Mother hears them and she is pleased

    Yes pleased with these children she is
    Yes she thinks she will keep these children
    No, these children she will not throw off her planet
    For these are good children
    And they are her children
    And she will take good care of them
    As a good mother does

    And the people rejoice in their new lives
    And yes the people rejoice
    Formally they rejoice

    They establish feast days
    As the seasons indicate

    They take time out
    And they rest from their labors
    And they gather together
    And they enjoy the fruit of their labors
    And they enjoy the companionship of their fellows
    And yes they enjoy their recreation
    There is singing; there is dancing; there is much sport
    And the people laugh
    Laugh the people do
    Like children the people laugh
    As genuine and authentic as a child’s laughter
    Is the adult’s laughter on this Earth

    And their Mother hears their laughter and she smiles

    Yes she will keep these her children
    Yes she will
    Yes joyfully she will keep these her children
    May they remain her good children for all of their days
    May they remain her free children for all of their days

    And yes, this is the Mother’s most urgent prayer for her people
    That they retain their freedom
    That as time goes by
    They no longer feel the need
    As they have so often in the past
    To create structures that end up imprisoning them
    Right now all these structures have been destroyed by the Great Spin
    May they, please God, never be resurrected

    And that is the Mother’s prayers for her children
    For she so enjoys the simple joy and yes her children’s freedom
    And would that they keep their innocent joy
    And their individual freedom for the remainder of their days

    And the Mother prays this prayer every day
    For the Mother’s memory is long

    The people have forgotten
    It is amazing how quickly people forget

    But the Mother remembers and so she is vigilant in her prayers
    Daily she prays for her children’s continued freedom
    Daily she prays for their freedom from oppressive and confusing structures

    And the Father hears the Mother’s prayers
    He hears her sincerity
    He is moved by her perseverance and her faithfulness
    In these her prayers

    And so whenever the people in their naiveté
    Decide that wouldn’t it be nice to have a king
    Or wouldn’t it be just grand to organize and create and show
    How powerful and evolved we are

    The Father chooses to answer the Mother’s prayers
    And yes he respects the free will of the people
    But he throws enough obstacles in their way
    That eventually they give up
    And in fact forget about that dumb idea anyway

    It was too much work and who needs it anyway
    And just whose stupid idea was it anyway

    And the people come to their senses
    And return to the goodness of their lives
    And yes they revel in their simple and quiet and meaningful lives

    In peace with God their Father
    In peace with their neighbor
    In peace with their Mother the Earth

    Yea most of all, in peace with himself man is
    In peace he is

    In freedom and peace and satisfaction he is

    And the Lord God the Father
    Blesses these his delightful children

    And the Earth their Mother
    Provides for these her delightful children

    And the children recognize their good fortune
    And celebrate their Parents on their feast days

    And thus, on this Earth
    In freedom and peace and satisfaction man stays

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Copyright  2006  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved