The Coming Times
Hell Itself

    And yes we see the stormy skies
    And yes we see the world
    The entire world over
    As it is after all the wars have been played out

    The skies are dark as dusk
    Smoke saturates the air
    Ashes cover the ground

    Broken down buildings
    Broken down, traumatized, stunned people

    The planet is silent
    Eerily silent

    And the angels sound the trumpet
    And the people look up dumbly
    They are stunned; they are in a stupor
    They are incapable of responding
    Incapable of thought

    And the angels sound the trumpet again
    And a few, very few
    Are able to rouse themselves and answer the angels’ call

    And yes the angels desperately sound the trumpet a third time
    And it seems that the third time is the charm
    For the sound of the trumpet

    Has finally reached the people’s ears
    And its meaning has reached their souls
    And a sizeable portion of the remaining human population
    Answer the angels’ call
    And are of course taken to the Father

    And now the protection and the presence of the Divine
    Leaves the planet
    It leaves the planet
    It leaves the planet and the people on it to their fate

    For the planet had been protected though the people knew it not
    Help had been available though the people refused
    In their pride
    To request for it
    And God the Father respected their choice

    God the Father always respects each soul’s choice
    And so God had not intervened
    For the people in their pride
    And in the hardness of their hearts
    And in their collective insanity
    Had not wanted him to

    And yet, and yet
    Deep down inside
    They knew, they knew, they knew
    He was available to them
    Should they choose to call upon him

    And it was a great shock to one and all
    When the Divine left the Earth
    The absence of the Divine was as a palpable emptiness
    A very real void
    That all could feel
    And they felt its coldness
    And they were truly shocked beyond measure

    It was one thing for man to deny God
    For centuries upon centuries
    Insisting on living without him
    Insisting on going it alone
    Insisting on denying God’s very existence

    That was one thing
    And that was permissible

    But for God to leave man!
    For God to leave man alone
    How could he
    How dare he!
    He was their God!
    It was his duty and his obligation to remain forever with his Creation

    And the people angrily called for God to return to them
    But the only response was silence

    And now the people truly felt alone
    Alone, cold, and frightened they were
    Alone in a dark and silent and indifferent Universe they were

    Or so they thought

    They were not aware that the nightmare had yet to begin
    They did not know of the forces that had been restrained
    Held at bay
    Throughout humanity’s history

    They did not know

    They had proclaimed to not believe in God
    They had proclaimed to not believe in the forces of evil

    They were forced to recognize the existence of God
    By the tangible feel of the void created by his absence

    They are now about to be forced to recognize
    The existence of the asuras
    By the tangible feel of their presence

    Yes their presence upon the Earth

    For now there was no longer any thing
    No, not a single thing
    To hold the asuras back
    To restrain them
    To keep them from doing as they would

    Earth had been abandoned by the Divine
    Earth was wide open
    Earth and all life upon it was ripe for the picking

    And the asuras
    In the form of great, large, black bats
    Swooped down upon the Earth

    And yes they took on physical form
    Of the vibration visible to the human eye

    And the humans looked upon these asuras
    And the gleam of hatred in their eyes
    So far surpassed
    The hatred that the humans had thought
    They previously felt toward each other

    So far greater and intense and malevolent was this hatred
    That it left the humans who were still on this planet
    Paralyzed in sheer and utter horror and terror

    And truly Horror and Terror reigned the land
    And truly Earth was transformed into Hell
    And truly the humans suffered an agony greater
    Far, far greater
    Than anything they could ever have imagined to exist

    And they prayed to their God to deliver them
    But they had made their choice
    They had chosen this reality
    And were now to experience this their reality

    And they experienced this reality
    Horror, Terror
    Subjugation by Ugliness personified

    They experienced Hell
    They experienced Hell
    They experienced Hell

    For an entire age

    And God alone knows
    How long
    This Age will last

    God alone knows
    When this next Age
    Is to come to its conclusion

    In the meantime
    All the humans who have so chosen
    Will be experiencing Hell

    And no we will not describe Hell here
    It is not fitting a subject for the children of God to hear
    It is not edifying
    It does not help

    Do know that most of the humans
    Who are in Hell succumb
    And transform into demons

    An occasional one or two is able to hold on
    To hope, to persevere in his prayers
    Despite the complete and total lack of response to his prayers
    An occasional one or two are able to survive the age
    And exit it as humans still
    Though broken in spirit, mind, and body
    They are still human
    And when the age has concluded
    They are redeemable

    But most, most, most
    Are not able to withstand what they are subjected to
    And find themselves to their horror
    That they are themselves transforming
    Into the dark and ugly demons that have conquered them

    The humans are transformed into demons
    And their Earth is transformed into Hell

    And this is what they have chosen
    Freely they have chosen this
    In the hardness of their hearts they have chosen for this

    And God the Father respects their choice
    And allows them to experience the reality

    That they have created

    Hell itself

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Copyright  2006  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved