The Coming Times
You will be held accountable

    My dear one
    I have been giving my messages to humanity
    Over the centuries now

    I have spoken messages of sweetness and light
    I have spoken words of love and of hope

    I have spoken through children
    I have spoken through women
    And yes I have spoken through men

    And my dear one
    I have been ignored
    I have been ignored
    I have been ignored

    And so now I am speaking with a vengeance
    For truly my dear, humanity is in a state of crisis

    And I am speaking and I am speaking and I am speaking
    I am speaking to one and all
    Any one who will listen to me
    Any one who will transcribe my messages accurately I am speaking to

    And with each one, I am speaking with a slightly different tone if you will
    For darling I will be heard
    Darling I must be heard

    For humanity’s survival depends
    Literally depends
    On hearing and yes unfortunately hearing is not enough
    It must also follow the messages’ counsel

    And my sweet child
    I will get through
    By hook or by crook
    I will get through

    And so I am speaking through you
    And so I am speaking through so very many different people
    Each one expressing me in their own style
    Each one expressing as much as they are able

    And you my dear one I am asking you to stretch yourself
    I know how you like to please everyone
    I know how you like to think of yourself as a ‘nice’ person
    Who never says a bad word about anyone
    And who certainly never would say something
    To antagonize a whole group of people

    But my dear one
    Sweetness and light are not always effective
    People are bored by such
    They listen not to such

    I am communicating my message to pray, to love, to fast
    To convert
    To many, many, many of my messengers

    But my words are ignored by the majority
    My words are too simple for them
    Not sophisticated enough for them my words are

    And so my dear one
    My little American
    Are you willing, are you brave enough
    To use sophisticated words
    To reach the more blasé among you
    To shock them if necessary
    To outrage them
    Yes to outrage them enough
    So that perhaps they will look at these messages
    Long enough to condemn them
    And in doing so
    Be forced to read these messages in their entirety

    And in so doing be forced however reluctantly
    Be forced to acknowledge to themselves
    That perhaps there is truth
    However unpleasant
    In what I am saying

    Truth that they need to face up to
    For denial does not help
    Repression of the truth does not help

    Only bringing the truth to the light of day
    Affords an opportunity for healing

    Pretending there is no problem here
    Allows not for healing
    Allows not for even the possibility of healing

    And my dear one
    There is a problem here
    There is a major problem here
    There is a fundamental and significant problem here

    And yes, all those who live in la-la land
    All those who insist that there is only goodness
    It is all on one’s perspective
    And if you see black
    If you say black
    Then you are black
    Because there is no black
    There is no such thing as black
    You are wrong for saying such
    Are in denial
    Are in denial
    Are in denial

    And denial allows not for the possibility of healing
    Denial allows for the snake
    The snake they pretend to themselves does not exist
    The snake who is so happy to convince humanity it does not exist

    Not until the die is cast
    Will the snake dare to show its face
    And then it will be too late
    It will be too late for humanity
    For the snake will have been unleashed
    By humanity it will have been unleashed
    And humanity it will devour

    And this my dear one
    Is the truth
    An ugly and unpleasant truth

    And people would rather not hear of such
    But truly they are in denial

    Let them read the message on “The Children” once again
    Let them read it slowly
    Let them acknowledge that this is not a message of the Coming Times
    But a message of your current times

    Let them contemplate the awfulness of this message
    Its brutality
    Its utter incomprehensibility
    That a civilized human race
    Should so choose to treat its children

    In full knowledge, in full free will, amidst great abundance
    Should so choose to treat its own children

    And then let them say that there is no snake
    And then let them say that nothing is wrong
    And then let them say that those who say something is wrong are the ones who are

    Let them read and reread the message “The Children”
    And then let them turn within
    And let them come to their own conclusion
    As to whether or not they have been in denial
    As to whether or not humanity is on the right track
    As to whether or not they need to remain on the sidelines
    Waiting and watching
    Waiting and watching
    Waiting and watching
    The lies and the diversions that are played on the airwaves
    While humanity’s children continue to birth into an ever growing darker world

    Let them read, let them take offense, let them take outrage
    Yes each and every one
    For yes darling your message has something to offend one and all
    And that is good
    That is good
    That is good

    It will, my hope is that it may wake them up
    Jolt them out of their complacency
    Get them off of their couches
    And yes, even, dare I hope, turn off the television set
    Their precious, their beloved, their addiction
    The very air they are breathing
    Their television programs

    Surely they must realize
    That these are all meant to distract them
    To amuse them
    To preoccupy them
    Leaving the snake free to continue its work undisturbed
    While they remain oblivious, oblivious, oblivious
    To the ever darker world they are living in

    Oblivious for they see not their world
    They see only what is projected to them on the airwaves
    And refuse to see the reality of their own lives
    The ever bleaker reality facing their children
    And yes, the hell that is endured by humanity’s children all over the globe

    And if they think
    Because they personally did not give birth to these children
    And therefore it is all right
    For the powers that be
    To rape those children’s lands
    Exploit their parents
    And leave the children destitute
    They think incorrectly
    And yes need to rethink their position

    Claiming ignorance
    Claiming passivity
    Claiming non-involvement
    Exonerates them not

    They know children all over the world
    This world blessed with such abundance
    Are starving; are being exploited, sexually and otherwise
    Are being cruelly, abominably treated

    And yet they pretend to themselves that they are innocent
    Even though they themselves vote the powers that be
    Into power
    Into the very power that causes these situations

    My darling, my child
    Nice words of comfort and sweetness will no longer do
    The time for these is past

    Humanity’s tears have reached the heavens
    Their cry for justice have reached the Father
    And to hear with the Father is to answer

    And it behooves humanity to answer, to respond
    To your fellows’ cries

    It is in your own self-interest to do so

    It is in your own self-interest to wake up
    And to involve yourself in what is going on about you
    To turn off the television
    And to see the reality that is playing out all over the globe
    And to understand that you are not a passive victim
    You have been gifted with life, with intelligence, with will
    And should you fail to use these your God-given gifts
    And sit in front of your TV and guzzle on your snacks
    While the snakes of your day have their way

    You will be held accountable
    You will be held accountable
    You will be held accountable

    And that is all for now


"The Children"

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Copyright  2006  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved