The Coming Times
Enemy du Jour
    And I am seeing a Civil War scene
    The American Civil War
    A battle of the American Civil War is playing out before me

    And neighbor is killing neighbor
    And countryman is killing fellow countrymen
    And there is much slaughter
    The wounded and the dying litter the field
    And their pain and their screams reach up to the Heavens

    And the angels descend to minister onto them
    And of course the angels minister unto all the men
    It matters not the color of the uniform they wear
    Be it blue or be it grey
    The angels minister onto all
    The angels minister onto each and every one of them

    And now my Mother looks at me
Queen of Heaven
    And my darling child
    What does this tell you about The Coming Times
    Mother it tells me
    That regardless of how we divide ourselves
    Regardless of how we align and how we divide
    Regardless of who we consider our allies
    And regardless of who we consider our enemies

    The Heavens, the angels minister unto all of us
    We are all of us Mother
    Children of the one God
    And we will all of us Mother
    Be treated by Heaven
    As children of the one God
Queen of Heaven
    Yes my dear child
    For those who today are your enemies
    Tomorrow are your allies

    And this has happened throughout your history
    And yet in each moment
    You are consumed by your hatred of your ‘enemy’
    And you wish him to his death

    And how quickly you forget
    How quick you are
    When you perceive it in your best interest to do so
    Change your viewpoint and view your former enemy
    Whom you had consigned to the inferno itself
    You now view as an ally
    A business partner
    An economic partner
    Yea, even a neighbor

    Shall I list out for you child
    The wars your country has fought
    The enemies your country has hated
    Hated, hated with a vengeance
    Hated to the point of near annihilation of them

    Allow me my dear one
    Bear with me my dear one
    And allow me to list them for you

    The list is long and tedious and perhaps self-evident
    Are you willing my child to bear through it
    Yes Mother I am willing to be so reminded
Queen of Heaven
    My darling your country men have fought and have hated
    And yea have killed

    1.        The Original Americans
    2.        The British
    3.        Their fellow countrymen who were loyal to the British
    4.        The French
    5.        The Mexicans
    6.        Their fellow Americans
    7.        The Germans
    8.        The Japanese
    9.        The Russians
    10.      The Koreans
    11.      The Vietnamese

    All these come to mind

    And now my dear one, of these, whom your country
    Has tried to kill
    Whom your countrymen at one point
    Hated, hated, hated
    To the point of death, they hated

    Willing to kill the other
    Willing to die to kill the other

    Of all the people I have mentioned above
    Name me one; name me one
    That your country would still like to kill
    That your country would still like to obliterate
    That your country still hates, hates, hates
    Mother I cannot
Queen of Heaven
    And why not
    Mother all of these people
    Are now either our own citizens
    Or else they are our allies
    Our economic partners
    Our business partners
    Our fellow world citizens

    There is not one among them Mother, whom we hate
    There is not one among them Mother, whom we would

    We would engage in commerce with them all
    We would engage each and every one of them
    In the worldwide community Mother

    There is not a single one of them Mother
    That we would now die to kill
Queen of Heaven
    What is my point
    That it is an illusion, Mother

    That the concept of an enemy is an illusion
    That we can get through our difficulties
    Our conflicting points of interest
    Without killing each other

    Why if we wait long enough
    We may find that the problems naturally resolve themselves
    And our own self interests and the self interest of the other
    Result in our mutual cooperation

    Yea we would trade with each other
    Yea we would communicate with each other
    Yea we would engage in sports competition with each other

    We would even play with each other, Mother
    How we do enjoy our international sports events
    How we do enjoy our Olympic competition

    How we do enjoy touring and vacationing
    At the very sites we had earlier tried to destroy

    It is all an illusion, Mother
    The concept of an enemy is a lie
    The idea that we have to, that we must
    For our very survival’s sake
    Kill the other is a lie

    For we have not killed any of the above
    They are all alive and kicking
    And yes they are all, each and every one
    Our partners, our business partners, our comrades
Queen of Heaven
    And my darling
    Do you think that your present enemy of the day
    The enemy du jour if you will
    Is any exception
    No Mother I do not see any reason why he would be
    I can easily see that in a decade or two or three

    He too would be our business partner
    He too would be a person we would engage in trade and
    He too would be welcome to play with us

    How we will enjoy playing in sports competition with him
    Yea invite him as well to participate in the World Olympics
    Yea invite him as well to be a full member of the world
Queen of Heaven
    And darling, do you think that intense hatred
    That contempt
    That desire to kill and destroy
    Is the best way to get from here, your current point
    To the point that you eventually
    As your history so clearly points out
    You eventually, eventually, eventually
    Get to anyway

    From misunderstanding, confusion, and conflict
    To being neighbors, partners, yea friends

    Is war, is hatred and murder
    The way to get from confusion and fear
    To clarity and trust

    Is that the best line from point A to point B
    No Mother, that does not make sense
    It does not

    It would seem rather to be a detour
    It would seem Mother to be a very destructive detour
    Involving the great loss of life
    And untold amount of human suffering

    Only for the two nations to end up becoming partners
    Yea even friends
Queen of Heaven
    Yes darling
    Your country did everything it could
    To obliterate North Vietnam
    And now darling now
    What is the current state of affairs
    Between the USA and North Vietnam
    Mother, the USA and Vietnam are peaceful with each other
    We trade
    We engage in commerce and cordial discussions with each
    We even tour there; take our vacations there
    Enjoy their countryside and their seashore
Queen of Heaven
    And yet, these were a people
    That just a few decades ago
    Were the hated ones, the enemy
    The very threat to your survival
    To your way of life

    And honey did your country win this war
    Did your country force its way upon Vietnam
    Is this the reason why the two countries are now cordial
    Because the USA forced Vietnam to submit to its wil
    No Mother not at all

    Mother we gave up on trying to conquer Vietnam
    We gave up
    We left
    We called it Peace with Honor
    And we left the Vietnamese to work out their own destiny
Queen of Heaven
    And Peace with Honor it was child
    Peace my dear child
    No matter what the snake tells you
    Is always honorable

    Peace with Honor it was
    Peace with Honor it absolutely was

    And now that the Vietnamese have worked out their destiny
    Have they destroyed the American way of life
    No Mother they have not
Queen of Heaven
    Are the Vietnamese a threat to your country’s survival
    To its very existence
    To its prosperity and well-being
    No Mother it is not
Queen of Heaven
    What am I telling you child
    Mother you are telling me that the ‘enemy’ of today
    Is and will be the partner, the colleague, the neighbor of

    This will happen
    This does happen

    It has happened before
    And will happen again

    And yes we can get from being enemies to being friends
    Via war and murder and destruction and pain

    Or we can get from conflict and misunderstanding
    Via honest attempt at communication
    Via mediation
    Via mutual problem-solving
    Via, as you have said Mother, implementing the concept of

    We can Mother, go from our current view point
    And imagine, visualize our current ‘enemy’
    As he will be
    Our future partner, our future neighbor, yea our future ally

    And with this vision in mind
    Work out how we get there from here

    And no, we do not need to do it by killing him
    By killing his women and children
    By poisoning his land and his water
    By destroying his buildings, buildings that have stood for

    No, none of this is necessary
    No, not even a little bit

    For we do not destroy the enemy
    We simply prolong the time it takes
    For him to transform
    Into our neighbor, our trading partner, our ally

    And yes, even our friend
    A friend we play with
    A friend we play football and soccer with
    A friend we enjoy inviting to our Olympic games
    A friend we enjoy visiting when the Olympics are held in his
    A friend we enjoy visiting to view different sights
    And to taste exotic food
    And to enjoy a different locale

    A friend we visit to enjoy our vacations
Queen of Heaven
    Yes your countrymen are now finding great pleasure
    In touring the former dreaded and feared China
    Are you not
    Yes Mother we are
Queen of Heaven
    What am I telling you
    Mother you are telling me
    That war is completely and totally unnecessary

    That its uselessness is so obvious
    One need only look at history
    And see how the players have transformed
    From bitter enemies to genuine friends
    To show how absurd war is

    For certainly it is not war that brings about this transformation

    For certainly man has evolved enough by now
    We have gained enough verbal skills by now
    Enough communication skills by now
    Enough consensus building skills by now
    Yea even mediation skills by now

    That by now, by now, by now

    When we perceive ourselves to be having real difficulties
    With our neighbor

    That we turn to these
    That we engage in these
    That we develop and refine these skills even further
    And use them to resolve our difficulties with our neighbor

    No, we do not need to hate and kill and destroy our neighbor
    Just as we did not need to do to all of the previous neighbors
    That we had so ardently, so urgently, yes, in such a state of
    Yes in a state of fear

    In fear
    In fear
    In fear

    In fear we killed
    In fear we murdered
    In fear we destroyed

    And none of it was necessary
    The present day situation with all of our former ‘fearful
    Speaks for itself

    It says it all, doesn’t it Mother
    It says it all

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