The Coming Times
The Muslim Grieves

    And I peer into the globe
    And I see little people, so very many, so very little people
    And they are angry, angry they are

    And I see that they are demonstrating
    And yes they are demonstrating against the Mother

    They do not want her referenced
    They wish no word mentioned of her
    They do not want to hear her name

    No not by their governments
    Not by their schools
    No not in their town squares
    No not even on people’s lips

    And they are demanding this!

    Just as we are being told to no longer say "Merry Christmas"
    But say "Happy Holidays" instead

    So will we be told; no, we will be demanded
    To no longer mention the Mother’s name
    To no longer make reference of her

    How can this be?

    I look into the globe in puzzlement
    How can such a situation arise

    Free speech is a given
    Religious freedom is a given
    It is the law of the land

    Both of these are fundamental and most closely guarded and cherished
    Both as the Law of the Land
    And as the fundamental right of the people
    What is going on here?

    And I look and I feel the people’s rage
    They are angry

    And I am reminded of the mob at Jesus’ crucifixion
    How they were manipulated into demanding Jesus’ crucifixion
    Why did they do so
    How was it in their own interest to do so
    Truly they were not doing their own thinking
    Clearly they were being manipulated as sheep
    Others had control of their minds
    Others played them like violins
    And they allowed themselves to be so played
    They allowed
    They allowed
    And they actively participated in the unspeakable horror
    That followed
    They in fact were necessary players
    It could not have happened without them

    No the crucifixion of Jesus could not, would not have happened
    Without the insistent demands, the very willing and active
    Participation of the mob of angry people present

    And a similar scenario is now being presented before my eyes

    Oh Lord have mercy

    I am seeing women dressed in black
    Covered in black, the black garment of the Muslim women
    And they are angrily decrying against reference to the Mother

    But since when do the Muslim hate the Mother
    This makes no sense at all
    The Muslim have always shown great respect
    And yes affection for the Mother of Jesus

    What is this turn of events?

    Tune into one of the women dear
    Enter into her
    Drop your fear, drop your revulsion, drop your prejudice
    And enter into one of the women
    Do so now

    And I take my courage in my hands
    And yes we are in Paris
    Beautiful, lovely, elegant Paris

    Paris being swarmed by these women
    In their black robes that cover them from head to toe
    And forgive me, my stomach recoils
    And I remember my spirit’s instructions
    To drop my prejudice, to drop my fear
    And yes to drop my revulsion of all this ugly black
    This symbol to me of the oppression, yea imprisonment, of womanhood
    Yes drop it all; drop it all; drop it all

    Pick a woman
    And how unusual
    The woman I am focused on
    Has blue eyes!
    She has clear white skin
    She is clearly not an Arab
    And yet she is Muslim
    And yet she is covered from head to toe in black
    In a large and loosely flowing black garment
    That hides her, that hides her, that hides her

    And I take a deep breath
    For truly this is a bit much for me
    And I look at this woman
    And again her blue eyes startle me

    She has chosen for this?
    She was not born into this
    She of her own free will, freely chosen for this

    It staggers the imagination
    It is beyond my comprehension
    Truly it is beyond me
    My stomach recoils; forgive me God, my stomach recoils

    For one can have sympathy for women who are born into this
    But for a woman to freely choose imprisonment
    Why it is as preposterous, as obscene
    As a black man freely, of his own free will, choosing for leg irons!

    And yet, this woman I have focused on has done just that
    And no she is not Arab
    God help me, surely she cannot be French!
    And oh my God, she is French

    She is a native born French girl
    Born to French parents
    Raised French
    And has married into the Muslim community
    And has converted to the Muslim faith and way of life

    And I stagger and I reel
    And I remind myself that this is not about me
    Focusing on my emotions and my reactions teach me nothing

    Please God, please God
    Give me what I need to be clear
    Give me what I need to listen, and yes to hear
    What this French woman
    Who has of her own free will
    Decided to choose for the chador
    Decided to turn her back on her country, on her culture
    On her very way of life
    Yes on the faith of her fathers

    What is this French turned Moslem woman thinking
    What is her motivation
    What does she want

    Oh my God can I do this
    Can I do this
    Can I do this

    And again I clear myself
    And I look at this woman’s eyes
    And they are a clear blue
    And I am reminded that I am not to look at her
    Not look at her from the outside
    But enter her
    Experience her from within

    And oh dear I have been stalling
    Out of reluctance and dread I have been stalling
    And now once more I take a deep breath for courage
    And I now enter this young woman

    And is see and I feel that she is energized
    Yes she is empowered!
    This march is energizing her; it is empowering her
    She has a voice!
    She is speaking
    She who had been silent for so long
    Is now shouting and is now being heard
    She who had been invisible for so long
    Now has the television cameras, the news cameras focused upon her
    Yes!  Yes!  Yes!
    She has never felt this good in her whole life
    She has never had this much energy in her whole life
    Yes she has demands
    And yes her demands will be heard
    And yes, yes, yes
    Her demands will be met
    Yes her demands must be met
    For she and her sisters will not stop
    No they will not stop
    They will not ever stop
    Until their demands are met in full
    In full to the spirit, to the letter

    And what are these their demands

    And yes it is the complete and utter rejection
    Of all that they see as opposition to their culture
    Their way of life
    Their view of life

    And somehow, just how I cannot begin to imagine
    The Virgin has become a symbol, an icon upon which they focus
    She represents to them - what?
    What is it
    That the Virgin Mother
    Whom the Moslem population has always shown respect
    And reverence for
    How is it that they have chosen the Virgin
    Upon which to focus their rage, yes their strident demands

    And yes I can feel the woman’s sense of power
    For the first time in her life
    She feels power
    She feels powerful
    And what a wonderful feeling power is!
    What an energizing, exciting, vibrant feeling
    Why she who had been numb, who had been as half-dead
    Is now alive!
    Yes she is alive!
    She has power
    They are listening to her
    They must!

    They are so many
    And they march down the boulevards of Paris
    And no the French people are too civilized to stop them
    They will not shoot these women down
    Of course not
    The French people are a very civilized people
    And they listen, they listen carefully to what these women are saying
    And yes, they nod their heads in agreement

    Yes it is offensive to have another’s religion rubbed in one’s nose
    Yes if one is not a Christian, it is truly offensive to see crèches at Christmas
    No, the crèches must be brought down
    No, the crèches must not be allowed on any public property
    One must leave the people to do as they will
    In the privacy and sanctity of their own homes
    But in the public square, in the community centers
    In the town hall, on the street
    In the common area
    The public domain is simply no place for scenes of Christianity
    No, no place at all

    And for some reason
    The French do not think upon the fact
    That in the Muslim countries
    Public displays of the Muslim faith abound everywhere
    And at all hours of the day

    Yes the Muslim bells ring five times a day
    And yes these bells are heard by all
    Faithful and secular and non-Muslim alike
    And no one takes offense
    No one suggests that this is offensive
    No one demands an immediate halt to this practice

    But somehow this is overlooked
    And the French government to keep the peace
    For the French having experienced war
    Having had their fill of war
    Would avoid war at all cost
    Will keep the peace at any price

    And the French decide that yes
    They understand the women’s position

    Public displays of a particular faith
    Are offensive and aggressive
    Toward members of other faiths
    Toward people of no faith
    They are offensive and worse than that
    They are hostile and aggressive
    And show disrespect to these non-Christians

    And so the crèches come down at Christmas
    No they are not allowed out in public

    And now even the people
    Out of respect for the Muslim sensibilities
    Do not put up crèches in their front yards at Christmas
    For they would show sensitivity to their neighbors

    And when the Muslim stops what he is doing
    Five times a day
    Where ever he happens to be
    And drops on his prayer mat
    Be it at the office, be it on the street
    No one thinks to object
    No one finds this offensive
    No one finds this aggressive nor hostile
    On the contrary
    The Muslim is praised for his faith and devotion

    And no contradiction is seen
    No double standard is seen

    The people are oblivious
    The people are in denial

    They do not realize that they are the ones being aggressed
    They do not realize that the hostility is not only
    From the French to the Muslim in the form of fear
    But also from the Muslim to the French in the form of anger

    In the form of anger, in the form of rage
    And yes, yes, one must admit it
    One does not dare to admit it
    Such thoughts are not permitted to be spoken
    In the form of jealousy

    For of course the Muslim is jealous of the European

    He has for generations now blamed the European for all of his problems

    He had blamed European colonialism
    He had blamed European imperialism

    But European colonialism and imperialism
    Had disappeared from the Muslim nations
    Decades and decades ago

    And unfortunately life has only gotten worse for the Muslim
    And truly he understands not why

    It is the Jew’s fault
    Yes it is all their fault
    If Israel did not exist
    Then everything would be all right

    And yet, somehow that answer does not satisfy all the Muslims

    The poor and the uneducated
    Especially those living close to Israel
    Are able to be so convinced
    For truly they feel the wrath of Israel
    For truly they feel Israel’s hatred and contempt of them

    And they internalize it
    And they externalize it
    And they manifest it

    But those Moslems further away from Israel
    Are forced to silently admit to themselves
    That no, Israel is not the reason that their countries fare so poorly

    And yes, the fact that the Americans pour millions of dollars
    Into their countries each year
    Yes just to pacify them
    Rankles, it rankles, it humiliates
    Especially since they seem to have almost nothing to show
    For all these American dollars that have been pouring
    Into their countries for how many years now
    How many decades

    It is humiliating
    It is humiliating
    It is humiliating

    And the Muslim is left bewildered just why and how has he been left behind

    And now the European has left the Muslim countries
    And now the Muslim countries are poorer and worse off
    Than they were when the hated colonials were in power

    And now the American dollars keep pouring in
    Year after year after year
    And yet the money seems to evaporate
    Where, who can tell
    Into the pockets of the politicians in power one suspects
    But one cannot be sure

    And so the European leaving did not help the Muslim
    And the American dollars do not help the Muslim

    And now finally the Muslim gives up on his country
    He leaves his country
    Leave his country he does

    And he goes to Europe
    He goes to the land of the gods
    The land of the white man
    Who seem so all powerful, so civilized, so competent!

    And he goes to this land and hopes to be converted into a European himself

    But finds himself rejected

    His swarthy skin, his thick accent give him away
    He is not French; no he is not. And he never will be

    And so he is confined to the ghetto
    And he is treated with contempt
    And he is not able to succeed in this land, in this Europe
    And he is reminded yet once again that he is inferior

    And he internalizes this self-knowledge
    And he externalizes this self-knowledge
    Yes, he is inferior

    He had been inferior during the times of European colonialism
    He has been inferior despite the massive infusion of the American dollar

    He is inferior now in the land of the European
    Even here where all the structures are already set in place, he is not able to succeed

    He is inferior.  He is inferior.  He is inferior

    There is no escaping this apparent fact
    There is no accepting this apparent fact

    And the Muslim rages. He rages.  She rages for him.
    They rage
    They rage
    They rage

    And are helpless; helpless they are; for a long time they are helpless

    They are helpless to construct
    They are powerless to build a civilization of their own
    They are helpless and powerless
    Or at least they were

    But there is strength in numbers

    And if one is not able to do something oneself
    One is powerless to do so
    The decades and the centuries have demonstrated such

    One may find that one can force others to do what they do not want to do

    And so no the Muslim have no self-power

    No power of his own to create
    No power of his own to build
    No power of his own to manifest

    But he discovers to his surprise and to his amazement
    That he does have power
    Yes power he has
    Albeit a very funny sort of power
    A power granted to him by the wishy-washy European
    Why they are not even men!
    One can hardly even respect them!

    And the jealousy of the Muslim toward the European
    And the self-loathing of the Muslim due to his inability
    To succeed in all these preceding generations

    How many generations has it been since the Muslim nations
    Have accomplished anything of note?

    Too many
    One does not want to think of such things
    No, one does not
    It is too humiliating
    It is bitter

    But now the Muslim has found his power
    Finally, finally, finally the Muslim has power

    And no it is not power to build
    It is not power to create
    No, the Muslim does not find a cure for cancer

    But the Muslim is able to slowly, insidiously, and with great joy
    Destroy the civilization that he had so always admired and envied

    And yes he begins with religion

    For the European is sensitive about religion
    Hardly rational on this topic is the European
    And the European had silenced his religious feeling a long time ago

    Understanding that private spiritual experience
    And public religious law were a dangerous and often fatal combination

    And should the Muslim have begun their attack
    On other aspects of European life
    Say financial or political
    The European reaction would have been quite different
    Had the Muslim demanded communism for example
    Their demand would have been immediately and firmly rejected

    But the Muslim began with religion
    And the European is weak in the knees on this topic
    And the European allowed the Muslim his foot in the door
    As it were
    Via religion

    And so no, crèches are no longer allowed at Christmas
    And no, one does not say "Merry Christmas"; one says "Happy Holidays"

    One is of course allowed to name the Muslim holy days

    And the European take extra care to make sure to write articles in the media
    Whenever there is a Muslim holy week
    Ramadan is covered extensively with great explanation
    Of what is entailed
    And the European admiration of the daily fasting
    Is greatly expounded upon in the media

    No mention is made of the nightly feasting

    And what begins continues

    As the Muslim feeling of power grows
    He is intoxicated by it
    He is energized by it

    He is a man again!
    His woman is proud of him again!
    He has power!  He has power!  He can accomplish something
    Yes he can

    He can change the European way of life
    And he does

    He starts with religion
    This is where he starts
    But of course this is not where he ends

    For this is the only power the Muslim knows
    And he exercises his power
    And he exercises his power
    And he continues to exercise his power

    And the European to keep the peace allows him to
    Allows him to
    Allows him to

    And that is truly unfortunate
    For when all is said and done

    When the Muslim has completed his work
    He looks around to his dismay

    And finds that Europe now looks just like the countries
    He has left behind

    It is as poor. It is as dirty. It is as corrupt
    Yes, it is as impotent
    As the Arab countries he had left behind

    And now what is the Muslim to do?
    And now where is the Muslim to go?

    And the Muslim grieves

    In helplessness and in despair and in shame

    He grieves
    He grieves
    He grieves

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