The Coming Times
On This Earth

    I'm seeing Original Americans
    I’m seeing a teepee
    And a campfire outside of it
    And a woman and a little boy between the teepee and the campfire
    And the woman is standing outside the open flap, the door of her teepee
    And the boy is sitting outside in front of it
    They are both between the teepee and the fire

    And now the woman looks up and to her right
    As though she has heard something in the distance
    And I see her quickly and determinedly go into her tepee
    And yes she immediately returns out
    She is carrying a small bag, a pouch, almost like a purse
    And she gestures to the boy
    Her son?
    She gestures to him
    She communicates with him

    She is telling him to flee from this place
    She is giving him her bag with all the family money in it
    For he must flee, for their home is to be raided and they will not survive
    She urges her boy to take the bag and get on his horse and gallop away

    And what about you Mother?
    She shakes her head, no
    She urges her boy on
    But she will not flee, no she will not

    She is proud
    She knows who she is
    And she refuses to be frightened by these ignorant savages

    She knows who she is
    She is a member of a great tribe
    A tribe now dispersed to the four winds due to these pale-faced monsters
    But she will disperse not for them
    No she will not

    She is not afraid
    She is very calm
    She enters her tent
    And proceeds to pack it up
    It is all folded down now, very neat
    And yes she places it into the campfire
    And her belongings burn
    And the woman watches her belongings burn with grief

    Yes she grieves the breakup of her tribe, of her people
    She grieves the arrival of these savages
    Whose destructive powers seem almost unbounded
    She grieves the end of the world as she knows it

    And yet she is calm this woman
    She is calm and clear-eyed and firm and resolute
    She will not stay amid these savages
    No she will not

    Her Father Sky and her Mother Earth have spoken to her in a dream last night

    They have been speaking to her in dreams many nights now
    For weeks now
    For months now

    The dreams have gotten more clear
    More specific
    More insistent

    Yes she is to come home
    Father Sky and Mother Earth assure her that they will welcome her into their arms
    That she need fear nothing
    For she will be welcomed into the embrace of her parents

    And the woman has been having this dream often enough
    And it has gotten increasingly more clear
    And increasingly more specific
    That she is completely sure
    That it is in truth and in deed
    A message from her parents
    Her Father the Sky
    And her Mother the Earth

    No, it is not her imagination
    No, it is not her desire to escape that is expressing itself
    She has tested this dream
    It has kept recurring
    It has kept recurring
    With ever more detailed instructions
    It has recurred

    And so the woman sits down now in front of the campfire
    In the meditative position she is
    And she starts humming

    She hums from the core of her being
    The humming does not start from her mouth
    But from the central column running down her body alongside her spine
    That is where the humming starts
    And that is where the humming gains strength
    And it is from this her central column
    That the humming extends ever further outward
    Until it has extended past the boundary of her physical body
    And is audible now to the human ear

    And now the humming extends ever further
    It has now extended past her etheric body, her energetic body
    And now the woman vibrates
    Her vibratory rate increases
    This vibration is not visible to the human eye
    Except that slowly, slowly, the woman starts to fade from view

    It is as though she is getting less dense
    As though there are now particles of air intermixed with the cells of her body
    She gets less dense; she becomes more transparent
    And yes, and yes, and yes
    She slowly starts to rise

    Seated in the meditative position
    She starts to rise
    As she becomes transparent, she rises
    She rises and she rises

    I am now seeing her
    In the meditative position
    Her eyes closed
    3 feet off the ground

    And yes she is smiling
    The severe face of an hour ago has been replaced
    Her countenance is now more youthful, more lightened
    Yes more lively

    The woman actually seems happy

    And her body begins to glow
    She becomes more translucent
    There is a quality of serenity that emanates from her

    She keeps her eyes closed
    But as I watch her
    I know, I know, beyond the shadow of a doubt I know
    That she is seeing

    She is seeing her new home
    She is seeing the welcoming smiles of her Father and of her Mother
    And now the tears slowly seep out of her eyes here on my plane
    And I hear the thunder of galloping hooves of horses
    And I hear the rifle shots
    And I look at the woman
    But she has not heard those sounds
    No they have not reached her ears

    And now she smiles
    And yes I see on her face a decision is made
    She is firm, yes, the decision is the right one
    And in an instant she disappears from my view

    And the horses and their riders appear at that moment
    Upon the campsite
    But all they see is a slowly dwindling campfire

    And disappointed
    For they had so wanted to kill this woman and her son
    For they were great leaders of their tribe

    Disappointed but determined to find them yet
    They gallop off
    In search of them they gallop off

    And the enemies of this woman
    And the enemies of her son
    Are to this day determined to kill them

    And so the woman
    And so the son
    Must often hide

    They remain near the earth plane
    Not far from it are they
    No more than three feet off the ground are they
    Yet they keep a low profile
    For no they will not give their lives up to the enemy

    Their children need them too much
    Their beloved children are counting on them
    And so they remain

    The mother and the son remain
    Hovering close they remain
    Appearing when it is safe to do so
    Disappearing when it is not

    The more the people pray
    The safer it is for them

    And conversely the less the people pray
    The more the people believe in these warriors on horseback
    These very savages who hate humanity
    Who would kill us all
    The more carefully the mother and the son must tread

    And now the time of reaping is at hand
    The savages have been given the nod
    Yes, they are free

    For the people have given them the nod
    The people have pronounced these savages to be their leader
    Yea to be their kings, yea to be their god

    And I see that untold misery and destruction are leashed upon the planet
    So much so that it makes the first two world wars
    Look like a dress rehearsal; a trial run

    We are now going for the gusto
    Our machinery is so much more sophisticated now
    We are so much more sophisticated now
    Why our war machine is powerful!
    Powerful is our war machine
    It is all powerful

    And the people who have built it are exceedingly proud
    Proud of their baby they are
    And wish for it to flex its legs as it were
    To prove itself
    To show them and the entire world
    Just what their proud creation can do

    Yes! Let us unleash it!
    Yes! Let us unleash it now!
    No holds barred

    Let us find an enemy
    And let us turn our baby loose

    Yes! Let us see what our creation can do
    Let us see its awesome and majestic and unbounded power
    Yes!  Let us see for ourselves
    Just how much our creation can destroy
    How much it can kill!  Kill!  Kill!

    And the people of the world
    Individuals of the world note what these savages are doing
    These savages they have themselves proclaimed to be their rulers

    They note what they are doing
    They note what they are about to unleash upon humanity, upon the world
    And they wonder
    They wait, they watch, they wonder

    But they do nothing

    For they have of their own free will
    Given their power
    Handed their power over to the savages

    And power once given up
    Is difficult to reclaim

    And the people are proud
    They do not want to admit that they had made a mistake

    Let us give them the benefit of the doubt, the people say
    They may be telling us the truth and all this is necessary, the people say
    Let us wait and watch and see

    And the savages gladly agree to allow the people
    To wait and watch and see

    And so they place much information and much disinformation
    Out on the airwaves to occupy the people
    To distract them
    To consume their attention

    As the savage leaders go about pursuing their heart’s one desire:
    The utter destruction of humanity and the planet it calls home

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved