The Coming Times
A Town Asleep
    And now I begin to feel myself gently lowered
    Layer by layer
    Until I am at the Earth’s surface level
    And I cannot tell if I am on the ocean or on the land
    For it is too dark to see
    And the clouds are too heavily laden with moisture for me to feel the difference
    Ah yes I must be on land for I am walking
    And I walk inland
    I had been at the shore
    And I walk inland toward the seaside village
    It is not quite dawn yet
    The town is quiet; it is asleep
    The streetlamps are lit
    I walk down the sidewalk
    Past the quiet shops
    There is no one else on this street

    Why is that?

    Well I assume it is because they are all in bed
    No, the town does not feel abandoned; it is just asleep

    What is it asleep to?

    How do you mean?

    Vibrate your Eye and tell me

    It is asleep to itself
    The town has not awakened
    Its inhabitants are not in an awakened state
    Even when physically awake, they are psychically and spiritually asleep
    They are not aware of their own reality

    Is it a ghost town?

    It could almost be
    Its residents have consciousness of their physical selves
    But that is as far as their consciousness goes
    And even that awareness is limited
    For they are not understanding the significance of the dark clouds that envelop the

    And what is the significance of the dark clouds? What is their significance?

    The town’s judgment is at hand

    And who will judge the town?

    I am seeing angels
    They are blowing their trumpets
    And they wait and watch to see who will respond
    And I see a few individuals, quite a few actually

    How many?

    I’d say a dozen or two

    How many?

    It’s less than a dozen; it’s actually only six
    Six individuals have responded to the call of the trumpets
    And they come walking down the middle of the street in their nightshirts
    They cross the street that divides the town from the seashore
    And they are at the seashore and they look at the sky and they marvel
    For they see how awesome the clouds are
    How majestic and noble
    They sense the presence of the clouds; they sense their essence
    And yes they continue to behold the sky
    And they see streaks of light
    And at first they think they are seeing lighting
    But it is the angels with the trumpets that they are seeing
    And the angels alight upon Earth and face the earthlings
    And invite them to Heaven
    The human is free to say yea or nay
    All six individuals agree
    And they are taken up by the angels to the Father’s throne in Heaven

    And the town continues to sleep
    And the clouds start rumbling
    The waves of the clouds, their motion increases

    And a second time, the angels sound the trumpets

    And this time I see children running down the street
    They too are in their nightshirts
    I would say there are close to 30 children who come running down the street
    They are laughing delightedly; they are not afraid
    They think that they are dreaming and so they are not at all afraid
    And when the angels ask them; they eagerly nod their heads yes!
    This is exciting!  It is an adventure!  They are enjoying this dream!
    And the angels gently carry the children up to the Father’s throne in Heaven

    And now lightning streaks across the sky
    And thunder is heard
    The clouds roll even faster
    And descend even lower upon the town

    And the angels sound the trumpets a third time

    And now I see people walking down the street sleepily
    Rubbing their eyes to wake up
    Yes, they too are in their night shirts
    They know something has woken them up
    They are not sure if it is the thunder or some other sound
    But something is happening; this they know
    And they feel compelled to come and find out what
    And so they come
    At first a few, and then a few more
    And now there is a group of a dozen people who have assembled
    They are on the seaside of the street
    They have assembled by a pier under a streetlamp
    They take comfort in each other’s presence
    And they look at the sky and are aware, however dimly
    Of its special qualities tonight
    And they converse quietly among themselves
    And they are about to disperse and return to their homes
    When suddenly they are surrounded by angels
    And the people are frightened
    And the angels reassure them
    Do not fear
    Do not fear
    And the choice is presented to them
    Do they wish to ascend?
    And the people look at each other not comprehending
    What is this question they are being asked
    And the angels repeat their question
    Do you wish to ascend?
    And some of the individuals in the group wake up
    And remember their religious training
    Oh my God!  Is the time at hand?!
    For truly they had not seen it coming
    No they had not
    But they step forward
    And yes they recognize the presences before them as angels
    And yes they will go with these angels
    And they do
    And others follow their examples and are also taken up

    But a few others are afraid
    They hold back
    They cling to the light post
    I see three of them clinging to the light post for dear life
    And I see the three look at each other and silently communicate
    No, we will stay here
    And so they do
    And the angels leave them to their fate

    And now the clouds receive the nod from Heaven
    And determinedly, decidedly
    They move inland from the ocean
    Until they are poised directly above the town
    And as if on cue
    All at once
    They empty themselves upon the town
    And the town is flooded
    It is completely flooded
    The street is now a river
    A river with a strong current moving from the town
    Out with great force to the sea
    And I see people being carried by the waters down the street
    And emptied into the sea
    Where they drown
    And I see bodies of people being carried by the waters
    And emptied into the sea
    Where they sink

    And when the storm has completed its work
    And all of the water has washed into the sea
    It is eerie
    For now, one can see the street again
    But no, there are no people left sleeping in this town

    All the ones who had ignored the angels’ call
    And that is most of them
    Are now in the sea, dead

    They are dead
    They are dead
    They are dead

    And the town is quiet once more
    And I look at and feel the town
    And truly it appears and feels no different than it had before

    A quiet town
    A town asleep
    Not quite a ghost town

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved