The Coming Times
Sea Life Dies
    Oh dear, I see the polar ice caps melt
    The northern polar ice cap melts but completely
    The southern polar ice cap shrinks to a miniature version of itself

    And yes, the fresh water of the former ice
    And there had been much ice!
    Changes the salinity of the sea
    There had been enough ice over the surface of the ocean
    And underneath the surface of the ocean
    That when all this ice melts into fresh water
    It is enough to change the ocean’s salinity

    And the sea life is confused

    And yes, there is a great loss of life within the ocean
    For sea life had evolved for a certain particular range of salinity
    And this salinity has changed too quickly for sea life to adapt to it, to evolve with it
    And much of the ocean life either drops to the bottom and lands on the ocean floor
    Or floats on the ocean surface for man to observe in dismay

    And yes, water in liquid form takes up more volume than water in solid form
    And so the ocean now needs more room
    And so the ocean now takes up more room
    And so the land now has less room
    As the ocean claims the space it needs
    And man watches in dismay as the sea level rises

    Man watches in dismay as the islands
    All the small islands scattered about the globe disappear from view
    They no longer appear in the satellite pictures
    Where there had been land scattered about here and there
    Is now ocean and ocean only

    Man watches in dismay as the sea level rises
    Man watches in dismay as the land’s shoreline is swallowed up by the ocean, as are
    all his beachfront properties
    Man watches in dismay

    And I see men in boats picking up the carcasses of the dead sea animal life
    And I see scientists scooping up sea animal life
    And placing them in aquariums in an attempt to save these species

    But man is fighting a losing battle
    Fighting it valiantly
    But losing it nonetheless

    For sea life has lost its home
    Sea life has lost its home
    Sea life has lost its home

    And the fishermen of the world are now out of work, out of a livelihood
    And now corporations are formed that breed and feed and grow edible sea life
    In sea farms that appear to be more like factories
    Than the ocean that sea life was accustomed to
    And the sea life that grows in these factories is depressed
    And devoid of joy in life
    And that transmits itself into the cells of their being
    And when man eats this seafood, man is not nourished
    For the food is dead
    The food is dead
    The food is dead

    And man grows restless.  Had seafood always been so tasteless?
    And man smothers seafood in chemicals to give it ‘artificial flavor’
    But man does not know how to give imprisoned sea life
    With the life force needed to nourish man
    And man eats the seafood from the sea farms but is not nourished
    No, man is not nourished
    Man is not nourished
    But man copes
    Man copes
    Man copes
    He grows used to this new seafood
    He forgets that it had ever been any other way
    He forgets what a delicacy lobster had been
    And does not recognize how bland and lacking in flavor and nutrition it now is

    Man truly thinks that this is not such a major catastrophe

    We are coping
    We are coping
    We are coping

    Man is in denial

    He thinks by breeding seafood in sea farms he is coping
    And does not see that he is producing a poor imitation of the original

    An imitation that does not serve man
    But deceives him and lulls him into a false sense of security
    A false sense that all is still well with the world
    A false sense that life is continuing

    When it is, in fact, dying
    When it is, in fact, dying
    When it is, in fact, dying

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved