The Coming Times
The Elements Dance
    And I notice how much of the globe is water
    More Water than Earth
    Much more Water than Earth than I had realized

    And now I see that the oceans are agitated
    Their waves are high

    Water is moving!
    She is dancing with excitement!
    For Water will be the first to be set free

    And Water joyfully leaps about
    The middles of the ocean especially are cheerful
    And are allowed to abandon themselves to their joy and to their dance
    And I see that this has a ripple effect
    As the movement within the center of the oceans
    Ripples outwards and to a lesser degree reaches the ocean shores
    But it is not frightening
    No, not at all
    In fact, many are thrilled by the weather
    I see young men out with their surfboards
    Joyfully playing in these waves
    But now the waters from the very deep of the ocean are beginning to join in
    They too participate in their newfound freedom of movement
    They too participate in their dance of liberty
    And as the waters of the ocean deep dance
    The ocean itself seems to rise
    And now it would seem that the ocean center
    The whole ocean center from top to bottom and from bottom to top
    Is dancing as one
    Its self-consciousness is evident
    As in unity, it performs its dance
    And again the ripple effect takes place
    But now the waves are much higher than before
    Water reaches the shore with much more exuberance
    With joyful exuberance she reaches and greets the land
    Almost as if calling the land to join with her in her playful dance
    And now it is too dangerous for surfing
    For the waves are much too high
    And all the houses and other structures on the shorelines
    Are swallowed up by the ocean’s embrace

    And while Earth does not respond to the ocean’s call to join in her dance
    The air above the ocean does
    Air hears the ocean’s call
    And responds
    Air responds
    Air responds
    Air responds

    And begins to move
    Begins her own dance
    And Air’s dance is not quite as exuberant as Water’s
    For it is not yet Air’s time
    But Air is moving and joyfully so
    Air receives a taste of her upcoming freedom and is intoxicated by it
    And yes responds to Water’s dance
    Like a slower partner, she responds

    And now Air too can be seen to have consciousness
    As she moves in concert
    Her choreography beautiful to behold
    And the Air that has taken movement is above the ocean
    And so does not affect man immediately
    For man lives on the Land
    But again a ripple affect takes place
    As the outward edges of the Ocean’s Air also begin to move
    And at first man finds this delightful
    Ah, the fresh salty breeze of the ocean!
    Yes, this is fresh, crisp, invigorating
    But slowly, less so than the Ocean
    Air also intensifies her dance
    And the ripple effect intensifies accordingly
    And man becomes a little nervous
    That’s enough now.  Calm down now
    But Air does not calm down
    She has tasted of freedom and there is no turning back
    No, there is no turning back

    And now Land receives the nod
    Yes now it is Land’s turn to receive his freedom
    And he too begins to move
    He too begins to dance
    And he revels in his freedom
    He who had been the most tightly bound
    Dances with the most fierceness
    Erupting abruptly and with violent force
    And all on the land that dances are tossed about this way and that
    No matter
    Land revels in his new-found freedom
    And more and more spots of land join in the dance
    And yes, they had all been tightly bound
    Held immobile for centuries
    And there is much pent-up energy
    And when this energy is released
    The display of it is awesome to behold!
    Who knew Earth had such power!
    Such magnificence!
    Such glory!

    And now the 3 elements are each dancing
    Water, Air, and Earth

    And they are each performing their own dance
    For their needs are different
    And they have much pent-up need yet to fulfill

    It will be a while longer before the elements dance as one
    That will come
    That will come

    And Fire is watching the action
    Fire who has been the most free of all the elements
    Watches in amusement and in delight for his brethren
    It is about time they partook of their freedom!
    And Fire can’t help himself
    And yes, here and there, Fire also joins in the celebration
    For he would celebrate with his siblings
    And Fire breaks out in spots all over the globe
    For seemingly no reason at all
    Fire breaks out here; Fire breaks out there
    It breaks out in deserted areas; it breaks out in populated cities
    Fire is not concerned about what lies on Earth’s surface
    He is joining in the dance
    He is joining in the dance

    And now it seems as though the whole globe is dancing
    Each of the elements moving in joy and in freedom
    And yes, each to its own particular song
    And the elements are happy
    And the globe too is happy
    For she senses her elements’ joy
    And rejoices for them
    For they had been held bound for a long time
    Too long a time
    Way too long a time
    And the globe is happy for her elements
    And does nothing to restrain them
    No she does not

    The globe herself does not yet participate in the dance
    For she has not yet received the nod
    But she knows she will
    She knows she will
    And holds herself in patience
    Her freedom will come
    Her freedom will come

    In the meantime the globe witnesses in maternal joy
    The dance and the freedom and the exuberance of her children
    Yes, her children – the elements

    Unfortunately the humans and the animals are not at all pleased
    With this turn of events
    And they scramble this way and that way
    To avoid this dance
    To mitigate the effects of the dance
    First upon their way of life
    And then upon their very lives
    For now it is not only the structures and the infrastructure that are battered
    By the elements’ dance
    But human and animal life too is being destroyed as well
    But the globe is seemingly indifferent

    She has served humanity long enough
    She has served silently long enough
    She has served without recognition; without recompense long enough

    No, the globe is indifferent
    And does nothing to hold the elements back

    Let them dance as they will
    Let them revel in their freedom as they will

    The globe is happy for her children
    She is delighted to see them finally, FINALLY!
    Set free

    And the globe herself bides her time
    She knows her time will come
    And she waits patiently

    Patiently for the nod she waits

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved