The Coming Times
As much as the Earth has suffered
And so I look at the miniature globe
That hangs as a pendant from my Mother’s neck
As at the bottom of a necklace
And I again see a tiny earth
I again see the blue and white
The blue sky; the white clouds
And I peer into the globe

And I am remembering the scenes I saw yesterday
They are as snapshots quickly appearing before me

The people of Africa dying of thirst
The people of Asia buffeted about by the wind and rain
The scene at the Russian border
With the soldiers lined up behind a wall of sandbags
And the dead bodies of men, women, children, and infants
In front of the wall
And the group of people behind the dead bodies
Defeated, dulled, knowing, coming to grips with the realization
That no mercy would be shown to them here

And the mass movement of wave upon wave upon wave
Of people into Europe
Waves of people from Africa
Waves of people from Asia

And Europe littered with refugee camps
And the European burdened with caring for these countless refugees
Even as he tries to maintain a semblance of a normal life
And then Europe tearing its hair out
As America returns rejected refugees back, not to Europe
But to their country of origin where they are certain to die
And Europe burdened, over-burdened, with the task and the
responsibility of assuring that every refugee sent to America
Is properly and completely and perfectly documented
And acceptable to America
So that he is not sent to his death

It is as though I have seen a slide show of yesterday’s scenes
And now the slide show is complete
And I look up at my Mother
And she smiles at me tenderly and with compassion in her eyes
And tells me
Queen of Heaven
Courage, look into the globe
Take your time
Look and keep looking until you see what there is to see
And so I vibrate my Spiritual Eye and peer into the globe

And I see soldiers.  They are in Europe!
And I see them walking about firmly traversing the countryside
And I see them keeping guard around the refugee camps
Not allowing the refugees outside of the camps
The refugees are not allowed outside of the camps
The soldiers are there to enforce this
For the European is overwhelmed
His land taken over by refugees
His land not even his own anymore
And compassion has turned into fatigue
And fatigue has turned into hardness
And now there is a stoniness to Europe
Enough is enough
We must preserve ourselves also
We must keep Europe, Europe

And so the decision is made
To not allow the refugees to be part of normal European life
To not allow them to be mainstreamed
For it seems almost that there are more refugees than Europeans
And so soldiers are dispatched and imprison the refugees within their

And the European breathes a little easier
For truly they had become overwhelmed
Their very self-identity had been threatened
They had been turning their land and their home over to other races
And now they breathe a sigh of relief
Their home is now their own home again
Albeit it is littered throughout with refugee camps
Surrounded by armed soldiers
And barbed wire is wrapped around the refugee camps

And now truly the refugee has become a prisoner

And yet he is given food and water
He is given medical care and treatment inside the camp
He is shown kindness by those who venture inside the camps
He lives
At least he lives
At least he lives
And the refugee breaks down into tears

Up until then he had been faced with the task of surviving
He had become dulled and shell-shocked with all he had endured
With all he had seen
The scene at the Russian border traumatized him beyond repair
But now he has been resting in his camp
He has been given to eat; to drink; medical care; a cot to sleep in
And the shock is beginning to wear off
And the reality; the grim and hopeless reality of his situation
Is beginning to become apparent to him
He is waking up from his shock
He is returning to his senses
He is healing; thanks to Europe, he is healing
But with the healing also comes the facing of the stark reality
And the hopelessness before him
And at first; it does not appear completely hopeless

The weather will change. Yes it will. It always does

Rain will once again pour upon Africa
And we shall be able to return home
Return home and live

The rain and winds that are battering Asia
Will cease; they must
Sooner or later; surely they will cease
And we shall be able to return home
Return home and live

And the months go by
And incredibly, the years go by
And oh dear God, the decades are going by
The decades have gone by

And Africa is now so dry
It is parched; the earth there is cracked
There is nothing left alive there
It is dead
And it would seem that not even water can resurrect it
For it is truly dead

And Southeast Asia; where is Southeast Asia?
The wind and the rains have been battering at it for decades now
And the coastlines have receded and receded and receded
And Southeast Asia is no more
There is no longer Southeast Asia to return to
It is under water; completely submerged under water
Southeast Asia is NOT

Africa is dead.  Southeast Asia is NOT.

And the refugee is once again left stunned
There is no hope; there is no home to return to

They remain in prison; year after year; decade after decade
Babies are born in prison.  Children grow up in prison
Yes their wardens are kind
They are gentle and compassionate
As they provide them with food and water and medical care
But the guards stand outside
They are surrounded by barbed wire
And they are many enclosed in a small space

And the news; the realization; the horror gradually dawns on them
That this is their permanent fate
The permanent fate for them; for their children; for their children’s

And this is too much for them to take
And some; many; descend into insanity
And they are taken out of the camp and shot dead by the soldiers
And others, many; descend into depression so great
That they are unable to move; to eat; to drink
And they die in place; within the refugee camps
And their bodies are taken out of the camp and burned by the soldiers

And America has accepted all the refugees it will accept
It will accept none other.  Not a single one
Its quota has been reached. Its mind is set. It will not budge

Russia continues to not accept a single refugee
Despite its great amount of unpopulated land
Moscow’s heart is hard
It knows best what is in its own interest
And it will not budge.  It will not budge

And Europe strains. And Europe groans
For truly it had not expected the refugees
To become a permanent part of their home

Who could have expected the great land mass that is Africa to die
To die, to die, to die!

Who could have expected Southeast Asia to simply cease to exist
It is under water. It is seen no longer. It is no longer

And Europe strains. And Europe groans
And Europe looks to Moscow for aid and is rejected
And Europe looks to Washington DC for aid and is rejected
And Europe strains. And Europe groans
And it despairs

This is too great a burden
We are not even ourselves anymore
We are slaves to these people
We must work to house them and feed them and care for them
And they contribute nothing
All they do is produce more babies!
Why they produce more babies than we do!

And resentment builds
And resentment builds
And resentment builds

And there are random acts of violence by certain citizens of Europe
Against the refugees
And somehow the soldiers who guard the camps seem not to notice
the offenders nor do they stop them nor identify them
No, they did not see it happen; no they did not

And Europe strains
And Europe groans

And Europe thinks.  It thinks and it thinks and it thinks
There must be a solution; surely there must be
We must merely uncover it
And Europe meets and discusses and holds conferences and holds
meetings. And these continue and continue and continue
And they go round in circles discussing the same issues
Bringing up the same proposed solutions
Pointing out the same flaws
Doing so again and again
With mere superficial differences in the arguments with each iteration
And so Europe spins its wheels in endless meetings and conferences
Regarding "The Refugee Problem"
As it has come to be called

And no resolution is reached
None appears in sight
No agreement is made
No consensus builds
Nothing is generated from these meetings and conventions
But ever more frustration
Ever more anger by the populace
Ever more discord between the nations of Europe

And the random acts of violence
Towards the people in the refugee camps continue
And now sometimes extend
Even to the Europeans who are ministering to the refugees
And the soldiers who stand guard continue to turn a blind eye
No they did not see it happen; no they did not

And the decades have gone by now
Many decades have gone by now
A generation or two of refugees have been born; lived, and died
within the camps
Their whole lives, from birth to death, were spent inside the camps
That is all they knew
And the refugees grow restless
But the armed guards stand outside
The barbed wire surrounds them

And where can they go
There is nowhere
There is nowhere
There is nowhere

And the random acts of violence against the refugees continue
As vigilante groups form and shoot into the camps
And no one sees it happen; no one notices; it is not reported in the
news. No it is not
What is the point? The government says
It would only inspire more of the same. The government says
And the media decides to agree
And does not mention the incidences, the ever growing number of
incidences of violence, of murder of the helpless refugees

And it continues
And life continues

And America and Russia are pleased with themselves
Yes, they are satisfied; they are smug
See, we told you so
You should never have let them in the first place
We don’t have this problem you are having
You have brought this on yourselves by allowing them in
We did not allow them in and we are free of The Refugee Problem
Yes we are free

And God the Father looks down from Heaven
And God the Father sees what his children are doing for each other
And God the Father sees what his children are not doing for each
And the Father is sorely disappointed

Truly he had expected better from these his children
Had they no faith
Have they no faith at all
Do they still not realize the lesson he has been teaching them from
day one
The lesson of Love for God and love for neighbor
The lesson of Faith in God to provide
So many, many generations have passed
And man has not yet learned his elementary school lessons

And the Father grows sad. Saddened he is. Saddened he is
And he turns to the Mother. And he turns to the Son.
But they are weary
Both the Mother and the Son by now are weary

The Mother has exhausted herself with her tears
She has appeared and appeared and appeared to the populace
She has cried before them
She has pled for them
She has begged of them
And they have ignored her when they were not actively mocking her
And the Mother has cried and cried and cried
And she truly does not know how much more of this she can take
The Mother is emotionally spent

And the Father looks to the Son, but the Son is weary
He who has been holding humanity up for so long now
His arms are weary; he is tired
He is ready to let his arms drop
He is ready to stop carrying humanity
For he truly does not know how much longer his arms can hold up
He truly does not know how much longer he can carry humanity
The Son is physically spent

And the Father looks down upon his children

And the Father looks at his Mother and notices, finally notices
How much she has wept over her children
Why, she has been doing so for centuries now
For centuries now she has been appearing to them
And repeating her messages
And for centuries now her messages have been ignored
And the Father takes pity on the Mother
And calls her home
And the Mother goes home and collapses
And she cries and she cries and she cries until she has fallen asleep
And the angels minister unto her
So that her sleep will restore her unto herself
So that she may be healed of her centuries on the Earth plane
Healed of the effect
Her children’s rejection and mockery of her
Have had on her
Most of all; that she be healed of the pain of watching her children
suffer so

Suffer so greatly; suffer so needlessly
When the solution is so simple
The solution is right before the
And she has told them repeatedly and repeatedly
Oh but she cannot take this anymore. She just cannot

And the angels hush her and calm her down and rest her to sleep
And the Mother sleeps
And the angels pray over her
And the Mother falls into a deeper and more restful sleep
And the angels blanket the Mother with their love and blessings
And the Mother continues sleeping and her color is being restored
Even as they watch
Yes, the Mother will be healed; the Mother will be healed

And the Father looks upon his long-suffering Son
And the Father takes pity on his Son
The Father shows mercy on his Son
And the Father releases his Son from his duty
No, the Son need no longer carry humanity home anymore
Come home, my Son
Come home
You have done all you can do
You have done all you could do
There is nothing more you can do for them
Rest your weary arms and come home
And the Son hesitates
Give up on humanity!  Surely the Father does not mean that

But the Father repeats his statement
And it is now an order. It is now a command
My Son come home and come home now
My angels will take up where you have left off
Your job is done; your assignment is complete
I want you here by my side
I command you to come home
And the Son feels tears of weariness and exhaustion roll down his
Is it over?  Is it really over?

And he slowly
Oh it has been so long now
That his arms have been extended out his sides
Do they even know another position?
But he slowly lowers his arms
And now he breaks down into tears
He is weeping into his hands
His body is convulsing with his sobs
He is crying and sobbing uncontrollably

And the Father looks grim
And sternly sends his greatest and mightiest angels
To carry his Son, his beloved Son, back home to him
And the angels do so

And the Son once having let go of his great effort of carrying
Is so exhausted that he collapses into near unconsciousness
And it is thus that the Father’s angels carry him home

And the Father looks grimly at his Son
And his heart starts to burn
What have these children done to my Son
What have these children done to my Son
What have these children done to my Son
And his anger burns
And his anger burns
And his anger burns

And the Father makes a decision
They have had their time; these human children of his
They have had their time; and their time is up

And he tells his angels to sound the trumpets
And sound the trumpets they do

And all in Europe hear the sound and quake
And some and many get on their knees and pray to their God
For forgiveness and mercy

In Washington DC; the sound of the trumpets is met with scorn

Why it is merely a collective hallucination
The product of overworked imaginations

And the scientists are called upon
And yes, the scientists are able to come up
With a perfectly logical and rational explanation
Of the natural phenomena in the universe that would cause such a

No, there is no need for superstition
It is merely a natural phenomena

And they are able to explain it in clear detail
So that even the lay person is able to understand the scientists’
And the media quickly disseminates the scientists’ explanation
It is covered on every television station
In every newspaper. In every magazine
The natural phenomena is explained in detail
Along with accompanying charts and pictures
Satellite pictures and representational graphics to explain yes
It is a natural phenomena

Why, simply the music of the spheres
No more supernatural than the Aurora Borealis

And the people are bombarded with this explanation
As it is explained to them over and over and over again
In the most soothing of voices
And after a while the people succumb

Yes of course; nothing is changing. Nothing
They had gotten all worked up over nothing
It is just Nature; it is just another natural phenomena; like a rainbow

In Moscow, the sound of the trumpets is flatly denied

No there was no sound of trumpets
No one has heard it
If you heard such
now that it was the work of a prankster out to deceive you
No such sound has occurred
The scientists have been listening and they detected no such sound
Return to your duties; return to your lives; it is merely a trick
It did not happen; no it did not.

And the force of denial is strong
The force of collective denial is even stronger
And in time the people forget
That they had ever heard the sound of the trumpets

And the Lord God, the Heavenly Father
Looks down at his children in wonderment

Can they possibly be this dense
Have they so allowed themselves to be under the snake’s influence
Have they no mind of their own

And the Father bids his angels to sound the trumpets one more time
And again all hear it
And Moscow and Washington DC hold to their position
They do not budge
And some of the people believe their governments
And some of the people do not know what to believe and so do

And others get on their knees and pray to their God
They get on their knees and they tell God all, ALL!
They unburden themselves to him
They confess all to him
They throw themselves upon his mercy
And the Father hears them
And the Father hears them
And the Father hears them
And with the Father, to hear is to answer
And these his children; his children who have responded to him
Who have responded to him in honesty and sincerity
He calls home
And the angels appear and lead each one of these children home

And now the Father has the angels sound the trumpets a 3rd time
And the reaction is the same
Washington DC and Moscow hold to their position
They do not budge
And the people respond as they will
And those who turn to God
God calls home
And the angels of God appear to these children and guide them home

And now it is over
And now it is over
And now it is over

And the Earth is set free
The Earth is set free
The Earth is set free

And she shakes all of the human and animal population
Still left on her surface off of her
For she has had enough
She is tired
The Earth is tired
She has been depleted and is fatigued beyond measure

And the waters flow over the Earth
The waters completely cover the Earth like a blanket
And the Earth sleeps
And as she sleeps, she heals
She sleeps for a long time the Earth does
For she in great need of healing
The centuries come and the centuries go
And still the waters cover the Earth
Still the Earth sleeps
Still the Earth heals
For as much as she has suffered
So much must she heal

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved