The Coming Times
A Mass Migration to Europe
And I see the children of Earth moving
It is as though there is a mass migration of people all over the Earth, as
they move from one land mass to another
Whole populations move. Whole peoples of nations move
There is movement from many places
I see movement from Africa. I see movement from Asia
It would seem that the entire population that is moving
Is converging upon the small land mass that is Europe

And Europe begins to sink under the weight of so many people
Europe does not have that much land
Not nearly so much land as the land that the people are leaving
And yet they come; they come; they come

Wave after wave after wave the people come
And there seems to be no end to them
Why are they coming?
I see that Africa is dry; is complete desert
There is no food; there is no water
The people who remain there die
To live, they must leave
And the people of Asia?
The contrary
They are flooded
They are hit by storm after storm after storm
The storms do not stop
They are relentless
And there is no coping with the storms
All power supply is gone; the telephone system is shut down
The infrastructure has been shut down due to the relentless storms
The people are left on their own to fend for themselves
And there is nothing but winds of tremendous force
And rain; rain that comes down hard and heavy

Rain that is swept in by the wind so that it comes in almost laterally
striking the people in the face
Striking them against their bodies as they try to move forwards
It does not land on the top of their heads this rain
It strikes their front; the front of their faces; the front of their bodies
It pushes them back with each step forward they take

And there is nothing for them but the wind and the rain
And there is nothing for them to do but leave
Leave they must for they cannot survive under such conditions
They will drown; they will die of disease; there is no access to food
There is no access to medical treatment; there is no access
The infrastructure has been destroyed
The roads are buried under water

One cannot even know what one is walking upon
One cannot even see the streets and the roads
They are all underwater; their houses are flooded
And why are the people of Asia going to Europe
Why are they not going to Russia
To the former republics of the Soviet Union
They are closer and easier to reach

Look and see; why are they not going north; straight north
Why are they moving to Europe
I see a wall of sandbags; a solid wall of sandbags with soldiers
Armed soldiers behind the wall
They have been ordered to shoot to kill
Any and everyone
Even the women and children
Even the babies
Anyone who comes close enough to be shot
Is shot
And the southern side of the wall is littered with shot and dead bodies
And the people who arrive see the piles of dead bodies
They see the wall of sandbags
They see the soldiers and their look of grim determination
They see the rifles aimed directly at their hearts
They see the dead bodies of the babies
And know that they cannot even throw their babies over the sandbag wall
They cannot even save their infants this way
The people of Russia will not accept even their infants
They will shoot the infants dead
The evidence of this is in front of their eyes
And the soldiers stand erect; their rifles pointing
There is no yielding; there is no mercy
That is clear; that is apparent; that is obvious
The pile of dead bodies in front of the sandbag speaks for itself
The soldiers stance speaks for itself
Unbelievable as it may be for the people to accept
The one or two remaining individuals
Who try to make eye contact with a soldier
And tries to plead for mercy from the soldier
Just his child please; please have mercy on the child and accept my child
That individual and his child are shot down dead
And the crowd behind him are dulled
They have been beaten
They have been beaten by the wind and the rain
They are exhausted from the trek up north
And they see what they see with eyes of hopelessness and despair
They are defeated
And they understand; incomprehensibly; they understand
That they will find no mercy here
None; none whatsoever
They will be executed; each and every last man, woman, and child
Yes even infant will be executed
Of this there is no doubt
And so what do they do
And so they turn to the west
What else can they do
They turn to the west
They turn to Europe
And Europe does not have the heart nor the stomach to refuse them
It considers refusing them
It does
For its mind tells them that their land mass cannot support so many people
But Europe finds itself unable to refuse them
It does not have the stomach
It is incapable of executing these poor wretches
Who are merely trying to survive
They are not looking for economic prosperity
They are not fleeing from wars of their own making
They are simply looking to not die
They are simply looking to exist; to be allowed to live

And Europe, its heart sinking with despair
Allows them in
There are a few half-hearted attempts to discourage the immigrants
To stop them
To slow them down
But the onslaught is too great
They come wave after wave after wave
And they are all near death these individuals
And Europe is forced to recognize that these are humans
These are individual men, women, and children
Who through no fault of their own
For it is not man who controls the weather
Are near death and are completely dependent on Europe for their very
And Europe in despair and in compassion and reluctantly lets them in
It lets them in
It lets them in
It lets them in
And Europe groans
And the continent of Europe; the land mass itself sinks a few inches
From the sheer weight of so many people
And what happens
What happens now
I now see Europe, almost all of Europe
Appear to take the form of a refugee camp
There are refugee camps everywhere
They are taking over Europe
The Europeans are busy; they are consumed with caring for these
refugees, even as they try to go about their own lives
And refugee camps litter the landscape; they are everywhere
In every nation; in every province
There is not a town or village that has not a refugee camp in it or near it
And the burden on Europe is great
It is great indeed
And what does Europe do
Europe does the best it can
The European people, after their initial grumbling, cannot help themselves
They do what they can for these refugees
For they know the refugees truly have no place to turn
And either the European helps them or the refugee dies
It is as stark as that
And the European does what he can
He tries to maintain a semblance of normal life
He goes to his job
He watches television
He sits with his family in his house
And he allows the young and the adventurous and the generous
To take care of the refugees
Yes, one sees them on the news
And the United States; what does the United States do
I don’t know
Yes you do; you do too know
Ask your spiritual eye to vibrate and to look at Washington DC
Washington DC has become an armed fortress
Even the American citizen cannot enter in
And Washington DC sets limits; it sets quotas; it sets restrictions
And it enforces them
Those who do not have the proper paperwork are returned
Oh my God! They are not returned to Europe
They are returned to their country of origin
The country that cannot and does not
No longer supports life
The United States returns these people to their country of origin
And drops them off there with a few days worth of food and water
And leaves them there

And Europe pulls its hair in despair, in despair
It is now Europe’s responsibility
To make sure that everyone headed off to America
Has all the proper paperwork
Has all the proper medical shots
Is free from disease
Has someone in the US sponsoring them
Has proof of that sponsorship
Etcetera; etcetera
This task of protecting the refugees
From the United States returning them to their country of origin
Greatly burdens Europe
It is almost as great a burden as caring for the refugees directly
And more people; more Europeans are called to the task
And so there are fewer Europeans going to their jobs
Fewer Europeans watching television
Fewer Europeans sitting in their houses with their families

As now Europeans are not only feeding and caring for the refugees
But now more, many more Europeans are enlisted
To help properly prepare the refugees
Fortunate enough to be allowed entrance into the United States
More Europeans are enlisted to prepare the refugees
To make sure that they will pass America’s stringent tests
And that all the documentation is in proper order
For if every "I" is not dotted
If so much as one "T" is left uncrossed
That will be grounds enough for the US to return the refugee
To his country of origin

And so the European is consumed by this task as well
In addition to caring for the refugees who are sick
And are therefore unqualified for the US

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Copyright 2005 Theresa Law
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